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I'm Gonna Kill Santa Claus – Official Music Video

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Outro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVfzE_8a40I


Danny Gonzalez says:

stream or download the song https://song.link/i/1446178731

Sksks and I oop- says:

I've realized he wants to kill Santa… Guess who he will really kill …

??¿¿ ??¿¿ says:

You do know that there's a sequel to that movie santa clause

Frozzen Slurpee says:

This got me in trouble at school

On Spotify it says it’s clean… then I realised it’s not

Uncle Sam says:

This is legit my fav christmas song lmao

jadek10 says:

I listen to this song about 20 times a month this song is so f ing dope i love e it

Rubin FFA says:

Danny: Cause what I want for Christmas won’t fit under the tree

Peter Clause: I’m gonna get a Bowflex I’m gonna commit

LPS Creamsicle says:

Its November and I'm listening. I dont care what anyone says

Sabastian Bova says:

It’s the 7 November Canada Toronto and it snowed so…I’m gonna fucken murder that bitch

Elayna Book15 says:

This is probably my favorite Christmas song. 🥳

Quire says:

it is a yes for me.

Roberto Acevedo says:

I expect Santa’s Workshop is bigger than the Ministry of Magic.

Don’t Subscribe says:

This is fucked up

Ashley's random vids says:

Whyyy noooooooo

Evanthemsmfan says:

0:49 someone is going to school

Jaylah Spurling says:

You inspiring kids to not be live in Christmas but got a nice voice

abomanible kitkat says:

Spoiled brat be like 0:52

Li Bernadas says:

Not gonna lie this is the best Christmas song ever


Fav x mas song ever

Ramen Noodles says:

this song should be "I'm Gonna Kill Aiden's Happiness-Official Music Video"

Kaelee says:

A guy who liked me asked me for a photo of me. i said no. he then replied that's okay bc i was gonna mail it toSanta and tell him that's what I want for Christmas.

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