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Inside Rihanna's Trip to Malawi for Education

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In January 2017, Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, Global Citizen, and the Global Partnership for Education visited Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world. The Clara Lionel Foundation has partnered with the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen to advocate for strong education systems that ensure the world’s poorest kids can get a quality education.

Take action: globalcitizen.org/gpe

Tom Kucy, Director ​o​f Photography, Critical Mass Studio
Justin Medoruma​, Directo​r of Photography, Critical Mass Studio
Evan E. Rogers, ​ Directo​r of Photography & Editor, FENTY Corp.


Kenny mkenyaUSA says:

Many people might not realize Rihana did not grow rich in Barbados! she relates how she was brought up and so she reaches to help! Also we need to challenge our African Leaders who pocket a lot of chunk of money and live a lavish life while our people languish in poverty!

Asmao Ilboudo says:

I love you Rihanna😭😘😘😘😍😍😘

CallMe Dollz says:

This is what we want to see not those showing us their wealth n the expensive dresses they wear

Oishi Moore's says:

Rihanna is so sweet

William Henry Dr.med.Acquah says:

Thanks, Rihanna. African political leaders should wake up and help the youth!Riding in expensive cars can`t solve such problems.Our politicains should think about the poor and the needy.

THE ONE says:

Rihanna has a big heart

krushen iyapian says:

sponsored by the un sponsored by the power hungry fruit cakes that control the world

Munyaradzi Mkuni says:

this is really amazing Rihannah keep that spirit. you really are amazing. we kindly invite you to Zimbabwe.

Mateo Love says:

Rihanna is more than an artist. She's a real philantrophist.

Roman Engelbrecht says:

3:42 i love this kid what a legend

Alex Jambosco says:

Lindo obrigado Rihanna

jackyfleur says:

together is powerful

Jabari James says:

Home schooled not just go to school – like song wake up learning go to bed learning or if u don’t learn no food no sleep is what it is how I was raised

Mr Ben says:

Interdie fume la lokale

Claude TREY Evans III says:

Hi my name is ……my age is……. <

Claude TREY Evans III says:

I'm 14< my age is 14.

Stacy Akinyi says:


Rehea Barnes says:

And a library…

Real Biko says:

This what we call changing the world

Noora Tube says:

My school is gonna be donating supplies to Malawi and Sudan and someone will take a video of their Reactions I hope they smile

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