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Installing a Yatour digital music changer, Goldwing GL1800 #diy

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How I Installed a Yatour digital music changer in my Honda GL 1800 Goldwing motorcycle And the problems/failure I encountered.
How to.
#snocrushr. #yatour #gl1800 #yatourdigitalmusicchanger #goldwing #backyard #homemade #DIY
#failure #fail


William Mcmahon says:

Thanks Snocrushr for your help on this one. I disconnected my battery from my Goldwing left it for a few minute and the computer rebooted it self and the radio came on again. I'm also just going to use the SD card have name them CD01 to CD10 which 10 shows as CD00 with 20 songs per CD that should keep me happy. Many thanks again Snocrushr. Safe riding.
William ( Belfast )

Chapter K-2 says:

there is nothing wrong with usb you have to read the small print to use usb to have to format the songs to a file that they give you in the instruction very small print they all do that in the usb hook up

Kevin D. Mathews says:

How is your music player performance now, the same or worse

Marcus Houze says:

Mine won't show the music on my Dash says no disc but it plays smh


it is compatible with Honda GL 1800 Goldwing 2010 ?

Finbar Odwyer says:

must it be formatted to fat32/16??

Dusan Lazic says:

How it sounds? Better that those fm transmiters?

Dusan Lazic says:

How it sounds? Better that those fm transmiters?

Dusan Lazic says:

How it sounds? Better that those fm transmiters?

DriveShaft Drew says:

had to resube stupid you tube lol

William Mcmahon says:

Just tried to fit a yatour unit today Saturday 12th November 16 Like yourself I could not get it to play so I thought it was the USB stick so I checked it on my computer and it played ok. When I tried it again just to make sure. I hope you can help me because now my radio is not working. I checked the 15a fuse for the radio but it was ok. Not sure what to do. If you have any info that would help I would be very greatful. My yatour cost £53.00 and £15 .00 shipping.
Kind Regards
Willie ( Belfast Northern Ireland )

DriveShaft Drew says:

kool new technology hope you figure out the problem with the port

Jerry's This and That says:

Riding in style buddy

finpainter1 says:

i'd rather listen to nice pipes, lol


Technology sure has progressed from the 8 track players. LOL

wtbm123 says:

Moving in stereo . Be nice if the usb worked , but thinking the sd card might be better as it kinda locks in , looks like a usb drive sticking out may end up a bad connection after a bit . or is it held by something to stop that .

Rusty Glovebox says:

That is a cool setup and nice install. Hope the company corrects or replaces the USB issue. Take care

tomswonderfulworld says:

That is cool. Its a bum deal the usb doesnt want to work!

Greg's Garage says:

Im wondering if the USB needs to hook to a phone or MP3 player? Either way, its a cool device. I need one for my ford.

Timetotinker says:

you kids and your rock and roll……………….tony

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