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Integrative Medicine a Powerful Combination

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Jennifer Hall wasn’t sure what to expect from her first visit to an integrative specialist. But she was ripe for change and Dr. Heather Auld was happy to oblige.

“’You seem like you’re ready to do some things to help yourself’. And so we started with just changing the way I was eating,” says Hall.

Part of Lee Physician Group, Dr. Auld is the area’s only board certified integrative specialist, an emerging field focusing on wholesome approaches to health. Weight loss is a common entry point.

“People come to see me a lot for metabolism disorders when they cannot lose weight. And they don’t want to go on diet pills because they know the bad side effects of that,” says Dr. Auld.

Integrative health is a unique blend of mainstream western medicine and less traditional eastern approaches. This ‘east meets west’ is the powerful combination that many people are looking for.

“When they’ve seen a lot of other doctors and they just are at a point that they just can’t get any better, to see if there’s one more thing that they can do. People come to see me when they just are totally fitness geeks and they want to tweak their health,” says Dr. Auld.

It was the natural boost Jennifer was hoping to find.

“Every time I check in with her, it’s really awesome to see the weight for one thing, but all of the other numbers that tell you that you’re healthy,” says Hall.

A new prospect paying off for many: visiting a doctor in sickness and in health.

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