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Killer Cross Examination – Cooperating Witness Cross Examination By Attorney Neil Rockind

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Neil Rockind is a Michigan Criminal Defense attorney and proponent of Killer Cross Examination. The case involves an allegation of drug delivery and drug possession. The witness claimed that our client delivered drugs to him. Here is an excerpt of a cross examination of a cooperating witness in a recent case where I took a particular approach due to the witness’s conduct on direct examination. Rather than conduct an animated, “fiery” cross examination, my tactic was to remain understated and deliberate, allowing the jury’s attention to remain on the witness.


dustin g1995 says:


Aleks Chernyy says:

This is brutal…. the lawyer doing heck of job making this kid seems like a liar….

ThinkAboutWhatYoureSaying says:

I'm pretty sure, really quite confident actually, that I did not just eat an ounce of mushrooms before I was recommended this video. Yet listening to the gentleman on the stand makes me feel as though I'm on a psychedelic of SOME sort. And hearing each one of his loud, parched swallows makes my Cherry Coke fountain drink very delicious. I am simultaneously completely fucking lost, slightly anxious, a little bewildered, and so very entertained – YouTube you rascal!!! You know what I need before I know that I need it. <3
EDIT: I am 22 minutes in and I feel spectacularly uncomfortable. Also I'm not sure this is "killer" related but I just want to know what the shit is going on and what Joe did besides hand a little k-andy to the kids. Additionally I'm ready to admit to the prosecutor that yes, I DID take the last pack of pink post-it notes from work for personal use here at home and yes , OKAY, I DID steal the Hello Kitty notepad, eraser and pen from Alco in 3rd grade, along with numerous Caramello bars from Albertson's in high school. This Prosecutor compels me to want to just spill the beans about everything … He's amazing. And I am drugs.

News that matter says:

Is this from a comedy show or movie?

Jason Urban says:

This dudes as smooth as sandpaper. Fkn terd

Real Dudes Party Nude says:

Much of the 1971 Charles Manson trial was loaded to the ceiling with hours and hours of endless motions and objections. After several days, Judge Charles H. Older finally called a sidebar and directed both of them to knock it off, which they did.

n. kelati says:

"if you're accusing me of being drugs–"
kid's lawyer: stoptalkingstoptalkingstoptalkingstoptalking

Jamie Raynsford says:

This is classic! The kid is a compulsive liar. He wasn't thinking about anything he was reacting to protect himself lying the whole way. And now his testimony is worthless! The prosecution should of had a psychologist sit down with him beforehand. I'm sure there was other testimony of other people contradicting this young man's honesty about himself which would contradict any testimony down the road… I do I have to commend the defense attorney for not losing it with the witness for being obtuse, for being, IDK stupid. The kid made one or two good points with the defense attorney but soon stuck his foot in his mouth several times. His testimony for anything will never be considered in the future.

Bass Ventura says:

But hey it’s easy money right 🤦🏽‍♂️

Bass Ventura says:

This lawyer is a snake man what a joke

Vinzbmpnd says:

Damm 1. Joe has serious party's at his house.. 2. This kid went to way too many of them 🥚🍳😒

David lang says:

Ferris bueler…

Sandra H says:


Sandra H says:

Why is the judge trying to answer for the witness?!!?!

Teeveepicksures says:

That guys a Shrute, isn't he?

martino robinson says:

Defense counsel tore into the witness like Swiss Cheese.

Chris Swanner says:

This dudes a bulldog

salvador c says:

7:50 nah bitch, shoulda got a better witness

Ethan Gallup says:

Plot twist, he got a record deal

Paul Putman says:

And here we see a young Dwight, snitching on notorious gangster, Prison Mike.

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