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Lawn tractor trailer build

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Making a small lawn tractor trailer, using old wheels and welded together out of some old bed frame angle iron

The dry cut metal saw I’m using:


Akash Yadav says:

It can be made from bike wheels, what will it have to apply for near bike

patrick holcomb says:

You're adorable, "sunburn",

"A" , I think that's a weld-burn…

a sunburn happens when you're are exposed to sun, like in Florida.

OBTW, please come down to NW Florida and and teach 🙂

thank you for all your videos and tutorials none-the-less!! PH

P.S> shorts on a Candie… ouch!

Ben Joiner says:

I just use the trailer I pull the mower to the jobsite on as the trailer I pull behind the mower. John Deere z920m with 6×12 single axle wood floor. I have no idea what the mower is rated to pull but it has never caused an issue. I have had overloading issues when I pull my cyclone rake bagger. It gets really heavy and the mower blades are running when I bag. Bent and broke pushrods. Engine was getting hot I think. But pulling loads of limbs or bush trimmings on the 6×12 has never been a problem. I do lawn work professionally. It helps that I can hook the trailer to the truck and go straight to the dump. On my old mower and trailer, I once pulled an actual ton of gravel. This was very difficult on an exmark lazer Z as 48" deck with a 5×8 utility trailer. When the hauling capacity of the mower was exceeded, it just lifted the front wheels off the ground which seemed to happen long before the engine was overloaded.

Rowen170 says:

What welder was you using?

The Fishen' Dude says:

My family says " Lawn Mower "
But Lawn tracker is hood.

Adam Grise says:

2:02 when you decide the effort of putting on the gloves just isn't worth it anymore.


Happy day for you
my friend.

Skrittles Mcwiggles says:

i could build stuff forever if i had tools like that 🙁

Paul Stafford says:

Glad to see I am not the only one that makes stuff out of old bed rails! 🙂

Pudsey Bear says:

I'm a bird crap welder too Matthias, A mate told me to wear two gloves and hold the torch with my none dominant hand to steady the tip and to move the wire either in circle or figure of 8, it does produce a neater weld once you have the knobs set right, also prevents accidental burns more, in another vid I watched today, you said you talk too much, not for me mate, more is better from you as you don't talk crap.

dropn loads says:

When evolution sponsored this, did they agree to pay for the wood? Never seen you use so much wood so fast without gluing scraps

Alonzo Branson says:

I gotta remember this one.

hawkdaddy64 says:

Slow down on your welds.

seasonedtoker says:

Why not get housed bearings and make a proper shaft for the wheels?

Ka Ye says:

You are getting fat.

Coal Country Sentinel says:

Clean those tack welds before welding over them. You need clean metal to get good fusion.

Charlie Story says:

OMG is there anything you can't do… loved it, keep um coming.

David Morris says:

This is the guy that made a name for himself building bandsaws out of wood. Now he's doing metalwork. I'm just wondering how long until he builds a spaceship out of stuff he finds in the dumpster.

Robert Grubb says:

Adding a tailgate next? lol

benny barragan says:

Hi Matthias, long time fan. I’m a mechanic and welder by trade. Anyways id suggest maybe trying either. Cursive “e” or maybe try to lead the weld and drag back- for example start the weld how you normally would drag forward for a second and drag back into your initial puddle. Sounds hard. But both technics have served me well. Thanks for the videos, maybe i should do a welding vid to explain better?

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