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Lil Esco 28 – “Corona” feat. RobThePlayboy (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

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Exclusive WSHH music video for “Corona” by Lil Esco 28 (ft. RobThePlayboy).
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Lil Esco 28 and RobThePlayboy teams up to drop the visuals to their newest single “Corona”

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Directed by Ryan Keith

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Chris Velazquez says:

More words in this song then in lil pump Gucci gang

Chris Velazquez says:

Lol the next lil pump

Chris Velazquez says:

Kids these days

fuxk12 4L says:

damn das sad brodie only got 5 k likes and 4 dislikes😂😂😂😂😂

Elon musk says:

The beat go hard as fuck but the lyrics are like my ratings when I smoked weed with Joe Rogan 🤷‍♂️🤦

Peaceful Serenity says:

he shaved his head lol

my name is NARUTO says:

Everyone is talkin bout lil Esco 28

What bout robtheplayboy

my name is NARUTO says:

"I just fucked your bitch and told her go home"

Pure talent

my name is NARUTO says:

There are more then 9 deaths…theres 860+ deaths

Bradley says:

This is what you guys get when you promote these shitty rappers. Enjoy what you created. It’s only gonna get worse

MillyOn OTU says:


Mentally Challenged Rock says:

i cant help but cringed SO hard. ahh.. 😭😂

bilal mohamed says:

Shame on wshh to upload this…

Em says:

Is that the ay yo terry imma fuc wich u kid

Justin Emmons says:

I honestly hate world star now

omar cardenas says:

Boi got kidnapped

Joshua Martin says:

Ths it lit 🔥

Gucci Hotdogs says:

Garbage how tf this made it on worldstar wtf this shit trash take it down 😭😭

longliveFredo says:

someone come get their kids

Alfred Hurtado says:

This shit go hard

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