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Mayo Clinic Minute: Which is better for losing weight – diet or exercise?

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You’re ready to drop some pounds and get your body ready for the beach. But what’s the best way to lose those pounds: exercising or starting a diet? Dr. Donald Hensrud, who heads up the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program and is the author of the Mayo Clinic Diet Book, says it’s a trick question.

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Dinero Alfa says:

I lost 30 kilos 💪 with the keto diet, it was great because they helped me a lot. I feel better about myself, my self-esteem is incredibly high

My Cousin Skeeter says:

I'm dieting and getting into the swing of jogging for 20 minutes 5 days a week. There's plenty of running trails near me and it's more fun than I ever assumed it would be. I feel like I've dranked a 12 oz cup of coffee after a brisk jog. If youre not into exercise try biking or walking or jogging, each one is too much fun not to do.

Lexie Tibbs says:

I always learned it was 80% diet and 20% exercise. You can work out every day and not lose weight due to the things you're eating, or lose weight really slowly because you're eating healthy but living a very sedentary lifestyle

Running Bear says:

Remember to keep yourself at a serving of food, no more after losing the weight…

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