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Memorable Moments in Football History

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Watch some of the most memorable moments in football history. Featuring the most beautiful and amazing moments of Neymar and other famous players. Edited by Score 90.

♫ Music: Diviners – Falling (feat. Harley Bird)

I’m a 19-year-old video editor from Sweden with a huge passion for football. I started this channel back in 2017 and it has grown to become my favorite thing to do. Follow my journey on Instagram: @filiphennig

Produced by: Filip Hennig
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15′ Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X

– Mail: info@score90.org
– Instagram: @filiphennig


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The main goal with this channel is to express my love for football in a creative and fun way. I dedicate hours upon hours to make every single video feel unique and inspiring. I really hope you will enjoy this channel!

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Costantino D'arpa says:

y'all gotta chill with all those commercials. I feel like I'm watching commercials with some football clips .

Animo says:

Hazard should have kicked the boy harder.

knarf2570 says:

03:33 the revenge for 1966….. now we are quits 😉

Lucas Utt says:

I like how I tap on a vid about soccer and an ad in complete Spanish comes on 😂

Sxolar oP says:

0:53 why are soccer players such floppers though like wtf is he really acting like a 6 year old suck it up lmao

peter mozaya says:

What about toninkroos goal vs sweeden and lewandowski 9min 5 goals

Aayush Jha says:

I was here for 3.00

Jay R says:

lmao why is this music ALWAYS associated with soccer?
I dont get it! for real WHY??!!

Hekoh says:

memorable moments in football history? more like memorable moments on the european league

Guy Montag says:

What´s the name of the song folks?

Barcelona's Fan says:


Feruk NB says:

guys how he gets videos without TV logo !!!???

channelforwhat says:

@1:09 : suarez — vampire or has dog rabies ? crazy guy.

ThunderousNightTunes says:

Tony Watt vs Barcelona

ThunderousNightTunes says:

"In Football History" my ass. Diego Maradona fixing his perm against England should be on this list. Lampards shot was never in. All hail King Zlatan

Jair Manuel Polo Benavides says:

menudo clic bait

shahid khan says:

If only you guys would stop putting the annoying music in the background

Joel Marcolino says:

Nenhum desses lances superam essa batida de falta do R. Carlos

Jr Neymar says:

suarez vampire

Oh yeah yeah says:

Admit it you clicked on this video wanting to see if thumbnail was actually a real moment

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