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Mercedes-Benz presented itself with a spectacular booth at the 2014 Auto China. When viewed from above, the architecture consisted of a ’Chinese fan’, made up of four LED panels and which stretched to a length of 70 meters.

We produced a motion design package and product films for three vehicle models, using a resolution of 7000 pixels. Together with Atelier Markgraph, we developed individual concepts for each vehicle:

The S-63 AMG Coupé was presented in a computer generated, full-CGI lava landscape.
With the Concept Coupé SUV, we combined dynamic driving footage shot in a factory space, with minimalistic black and white 3D patterns.
For the C-Class Long, we utilised computer generated simulations of liquids, plants, wind and refracted light and created abstract metaphors for modernity and luxury.

Client: Marketing & Sales Mercedes-Benz Cars (MS/MAF)

Lead agency: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt

Concept for media content and presentation: Atelier Markgraph & Monomango

CD Monomango: Lois Kainhuber

AD: Andreas Nicholas Fischer

Editing: Lois Kainhuber, Chris Rubino, Farid Martin

CGI: Jan Weber, Tim Stolzenburg, Stefan Sperner, Nino Matthey, Helmut Breineder

Music & SFX: Olivier Fröhlich

Footage ’S-63 AMG Coupé: Monomango & Staud Studios, Leonberg

Footage ’Concept Coupé SUV’: Monomango & Schwäble & Wolf, Stuttgart

Footage ’C-Class Long’: China Television Service Co. Ltd., Beijing


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