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Pursuing new, fresh and innovative design approaches for the Mercedes-Benz stand at the Auto China 2016 in Beijing.

Together with Atelier Markgraph, we extended the dynamic of the main architectural element of the Mercedes-Benz stand, the ‘Silver Flow’, into the media environment. By blending the physical architecture with media content, we were able to create dynamic and immersive transitions.

We designed several transformations from the ‘Silver Flow’ into abstract, virtual 3D objects, which in turn referred to the products’ key attributes or their typical environments.
Furthermore, we utilized individual forms and color schemes that related to the product segment, habitat and function. At first just using simple graphic elements, they transformed themselves and opened up the depth of field and clever, product-specific storytelling.

Our approach to the music composition combined an electronic and digital feel with clean and crisp sound design.

Client: Daimler AG, Stuttgart

Lead agency: Atelier Markgraph, Frankfurt

Media Design: MONOMANGO, Berlin

AD MONOMANGO: Lois Kainhuber

CGI: Jan Weber, Tim Stolzenburg, Nino Matthey, Julio Clavijo

Music & Sounddesign: Olivier Fröhlich

Architecture: Kurz Architekten, Urbach

Lighting Design: TLD Planungsgruppe, Esslingen


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