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Michigan Attorney General Threatens to Ban Trump From State

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President Trump’s visit to a Ypsilanti, Michigan Ford plant brought with it a warning from the state’s attorney general: wear a mask or be banned from the state. Trump flouted the law in his continued insistence not to wear masks, regardless of doctor’s warnings and state and local regulations. New studies give ominous forecasts, with the University of Massachusetts projecting a death toll surpassing 113,000 by June, and University of Pennsylvania predicting 230,000 dead by the end of July.


angelsrone says:

It's our President choice if he wants to wear a mask or not I don't wear one it's my choice and That lady has no right to tell our President he can't return to Michigan I have a news flash for her our President is the commander and chief of the United States she can't tell him what to do and she's probably a Demarcate anyways

han jobs says:

He knows how silly he looks with his mask on. He ones said that he is preventing the media from mocking him, thats why he doesn't wear it.

yee wyei says:

Day 63 of quarantine…

Chesa _meh says:

As she should!

LEVITICUS 19:4 says:

Trump / Pence.

Ricardo Gonzalez says:

Apparently individual State Governors have more power over their own state than you'd think.

xSwitch_FlameZx says:

She’s not doing it for breaking the rules she’s doing it just for spite lmao.

DD BB says:

He had a mask on the problem was he just didn’t have the cameras on

J.E Purugganan says:

I don't understand alot of American blame trump for this crisis
It's so dumb

branden8045 theultramangofighter says:

Not only is Michigan bad at football, it's also bad at keeping there people at healthy.

Bee Buck says:

Nooo let him in please he’s epic

Andrew Kralen says:

Being banned from Michigan is probably a good thing

Jonathan Huerta says:

anybody wanna go to world war 3

Robin Lynn says:

Congrats to those seniors who walked for their well deserved diploma ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Hopefully he will get the virus, that's what he deserves!

Travis Buchanan says:

You can trigger a recall election for the governor if you get 25% of the number of votes cast in the last election to sign a petition asking for a recall election Michigan's last election had 4239807 votes so roughly 1 million 60 thousand signatures or roughly 1/10 Michigan's population and you can get rid of her if you want just saying I'm a Canadian not my business but man would i want her gone.

Cacola337 says:

So excited for these kids to have graduation. It is political, liberals want our country destroyed.

Earth Life says:

trump the Grim Reaper of Covid-19 …don't blame Michigan at all!

Cacola337 says:


chochem guy says:

It's not the law it's a dumbass executive order

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