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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series – Full Race – Advance Auto Parts Clash

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Watch the full race from Daytona International Speedway on February 10th, 2019.


Peanuts says:

Keeping out the cat and mouse!
-Peanuts Segment Driver

David Turnbole says:


Jeremy Smith says:

Get rid of that Toyota loving fucktard DW, he is biased and néeds to go, nobody likes him nor has anybody for at least 9-10 years!

Jonathan Carlson says:

Wow that was a terrible race. Oh how NASCAR has fallen

Amundson Racing says:

Edit out the broadcast commercial sections! Would make these way better to watch.

Marvin C says:

No problem it's just the Clash, but payback comes in the 500 if i'm Paul Menards, Jimmy won't spit this time he will swallow.

Zues Toots says:

NASCAR cant do a damn thing without fucking shit up. Picking on guys with videos to detuning these cars to the point they are boring.
FUck you NASCAR, bring the power back. You want better racing, add power and cut downforce, make the cars harder to drive. You have turned this sport into a glorified ARCA event. Oh, and fire your little Shit HEAD poster boy Jimmy Fucking Cheating Johnson.
I want to see 900+ HP cars back on track, and dont say thats to much, they will be to fast. Rev limiters and Gearing fix that shit.

Nasir Stallworth says:

No not menard!

mrsteve431 says:

Wow JJ the new earnhardt Sr. wreck anyone that can beat you! Lol

Caleb Goodman says:

Wow, Jimmie Johnson wrecks the field to take the lead and NASCAR calls the race. How predictable…

Richard Lamb says:

Reason 1 nascar sucks is brian france thats what u get when ur a rich prick with no experience only reason y hes in charge is daddy's money and the france fam thats y Nascar is declining and brian france is sitting in his big office looking like a monkey trying 2 do a math problem!!!!# boot brian

Mitchell Egle says:

Jimmy Johnson made a bonehead move & ruin the entire race taking out the whole field. Most disappointing race I have ever witness.. Jimmy is to desperate for a win no matter the cost of other competitors on the track I hope this isn't a preview for the 500 …

RetrixG3 says:

Single file racing sucks

Jake Rousseau says:

2:05:28 When Mother Nature decided to throw in the towel….

Ernest Gibson says:

What a sad corporate show , who would purchase a ticket to watch 43 cars run the same speed for 4rs. We can dew that on the 4 lane. No more raceing only poor show

Ethan Managad says:

2:07:40 😂😂

Hollywood Heel says:

Good thing Jimmy made that move. Remember guys, we want more lead changes. The same driver leading lap after lap is only good for the guy in 1st.

Rich N Michelle says:

So there were, like, what, 50 people in the stands? What the hell has happened to NASCAR???? My God, I've been watching racing since 1980 and have never seen that kind of minimal presence. Ever.

_The_Kekambas _ says:

Nascar/Fox: I really appreciate your continued support of getting content to the fans and more importantly the soon-to-be fans. This is a great way to gain and continue interest to the great league which is NASCAR. I love that you've posted the Full Race & 15-Minute Race Rewinds for years now. I find myself re-watching races all the time. That was my long way of simply saying YOU ARE APPRECIATED NASCAR & FOX !! 😘🤗👍🏻🇺🇸

Eccentric Gamer says:

Please upload Truck race replays this year, NASCAR! We want to see those in addition to the Cup and Xfinity races!

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