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Mortgage Questions And Answer | How To Buy A House In 2020!

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This video covers all your BURNING mortgage questions! I’ll answer your questions about large deposits, credit score, approval tips, and more!

*Please avoid questions about specific numbers as I cannot give anyone accurate numbers or an approval without a full application.




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Please direct ALL mortgage ONLY related correspondence to ciara@reliantapproval.com if you are in LA, TX, MS, or AL. If you are looking to APPLY in TX, LA, MS, or AL please use the application link given above. I will not be responding to any mortgage related questions via my youtube only email in an effort to organize and prioritize. If you have questions regarding how to become a loan officer, please refer to my videos as I do not offer individualized coaching, especially in states I’m not licensed. If you have individual credit repair needs please refer to the above link as I do not personally offer credit repair. Thanks for your cooperation:)

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(Please direct ALL mortgage related correspondence to ciara@reliantapproval.com. The above email is for YOUTUBE RELATED BUSINESS ONLY. If you are looking to buy in TX, LA, MS, or AL please use the application link given above. I will not be responding to any mortgage related questions via my youtube only email in an effort to organize and prioritize. If you have questions regarding how to become a loan office please refer to my videos as I do not offer individual coaching. If you have credit repair needs please refer to the above link as I do not offer credit repair. Thanks for your cooperation:)


Welcome! My name is Ciara and I make videos on finance and lifestyle related topics. I am highly focused on educational content and financial literacy for millennials. I also talk about beauty and style on a budget. There is something for everyone here and I hope you will join the honeybee squad to become a part of it:)

Thanks for watching! Love yall so much:)



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Nu’n-ajaljib-kin NA says:

Creative home buying, low credit score-former military employee (mid 500) not in your licensed states. Didn’t know if you network with someone in Virginia or North Carolina. Thank you in advance. Don’t want to live in an apartment anymore.


Thank you! Very informative!!

Dorothy Green says:

Bless you thank you
My first visit to your
Channel. This was very helpful.

William Glade says:

I just found your channel. Thanks for the advice.

Rocio R says:

I have 2 questions
1. I'm a stay-at-home mom with no income. Would they just use my husband's information?
2. My husband has been in the same company with multiple promotions for 4 years, but has gone back to school and will graduate soon. He doesn't plan on staying in the company as there is no way to get a better position anymore. How will that affect us?

Tracey Henrytg v ch 665 says:

Question: is there a time frame to wait to apply for USDA or FHA loan once discharged from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Janessa Holmes says:

Will unemployment payments affect the ability to get a loan? Im currently collecting unemployment after going from a w2 worker to a 1099. We will try to get the loan in mu husbands name. We are in texas

Brianna Hamilton says:

If I am a 1st time homebuyer in TX with a 720+ credit score. Looking for 175k home, how much do I need to save for closing?

Cristal Sandoval says:

How does student loans affect dti? Has there ever been someone who bought a house while in college

Dara K. Fulton says:

Hi lady! Love your videos. What if you've been unemployed for some time and your work history is up and down (despite staying in the same industry), would you be able to apply for a home in the future? I ask because this is my dilemma. I'm unemployed and would like to buy a home someday but worried I won't be able to qualify even if I find work now and work/save…or the very least make money from my business. I hope that won't affect my chances. Also, are there programs for people who are low income but want to buy a home? Thanks so so much and happy new year!❤

Shelby R says:

Question: Is it worth worrying about a collection of it’ll be taken off your credit report in 1 year? It’s been 6 years already so do I even bother 🙄 especially if collection agencies don’t bother with pay for deletions too much anymore?

Shelby R says:

In Washington DC you can use multiple different payment assistance. For example if you are purchasing a home in DC you get a down payment assistance and closing cost up to 4,000.00. At the same time if you also work for DC GOVT then youll have another program to go along with the others. So now you have 2 programs.

Ariyah Onyx says:

The only issue I face is coming up with the down-payment for a house xl

Flora Bay says:

So my husband and i went to speak with a lender just to get an idea of what to expect. Do lenders look at your overall debt or monthly debt? Unless i am mistaken, i thought it was monthly not overall. And to look at how much you can afford i thought it was your income times 3?

Tamra Jeffers says:

I have a line of credit for a construction loan. Construction began on my house in August. We are now finishing up, with a move in date on January 20. I checked my credit yesterday only to find out that my score has dropped -47 points due to the construction loan debt. Now I’m worried about financing for a permanent mortgage on my new home. HELP!!!!!

Boogie Down says:

Thanks for the Awesome video! Question: how does owing taxes affect your home buying ability? I'm in Louisiana and plan to use VA loan.

Tasha Loving Life Blair says:

Can a person qualify for a home loan with one year working for one company?

Tasha Loving Life Blair says:

How much is considered a "large deposit "?

Julia Bedard says:

What about getting approved if you’ve worked as a combination of 1099 and W2 over the last 2 years?

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