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NBA Crossovers and Ankle Breakers Of 2018 Season

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NBA Best Crossovers and Ankle Breakers From The 2017-2018 NBA Season with Crossovers and Ankle Breakers from LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving & More!

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Ghost_Gamer J says:

Westbrook sliped

Uchiha Madara says:

Akashi emperor eye lol

Bryson Shaleuly says:

James harden go crazy!!!!!

Yongjia Guo says:


Orange chicken Gaming says:

6:35 he tripped him

Brandon Ortiz says:

5:17 LeBron stuffed tf out of curry in that game

Zo Nofinidy says:

11:39 Look at that score and that time !! That's the most epic !

Kyrie Irving says:

Charles Barkley: "I can play defense on this Rockets team." 😂😂😂

nick Paine says:

i always hope its a white commentator saying "oh no he didnt" and "dont do him like that"

กษิดิ์เดช จารุแพทย์ says:


--栗子大人 says:

9:19 unbelievable

Raymond Sanchez says:

James harden traveled

Lee Boren says:

5:49 isnt it a double dribble

끈기 says:

트레블링 아닌가?

Saiyan Bryan says:


James Pharris says:

Ah…got cha again. James breaking ankles with that crossover dribble!

James Pharris says:

James breaking makes with that crossover!

Gian Franco Gonzaga says:

That foot of Steph Curry at 6:31

CatheDraws says:


MJ Bagalawis says:

curry angkle break

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