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Noam Chomsky – The Purpose of Education

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Noam Chomsky discusses the purpose of education, impact of technology, whether education should be perceived as a cost or an investment and the value of standardised assessment.

Presented at the Learning Without Frontiers Conference – Jan 25th 2012- London (LWF 12)


Interviewed & directed by Graham Brown-Martin
Filmed & edited by Kevin Grant at wildtraxtv (http://on.fb.me/wildtraxtv)


Hassan Saeed says:

Wonderful Ideas to know .. thank you so much .. May Allah guide us to His path 🇲🇻

Matthew Jones says:

Starts at 0:36

Ackis Of Umea says:

Is impossible to watch. Kevin Grant BRAVO 😡, you have destroy this Noam Chomsky's interview.

Frank says:

Firstly, public education does not prioritize or provide enough time for interpretation, evaluation, or understanding. Secondly, capitalist ideology has permeated and poisoned the entire culture and, therefore, every public institution. I think the entire society must be reconstructed. Science and technology have been used as tools by capitalists to de -humanize and destroy the planet.

Coffee43A says:

Can anyone listen to him for more than 45 seconds?

37Dionysos says:

Statistically, education is the best investment on the planet, returning $14 for every $1 put in (for ex. the post WWII GI Bill which led to today's great innovations). Yet Business—"Gimme Profit NOW"—isn't much interested. Gee, I wonder why.

Dustin McMullin says:

Serious? What a kunt.

Alok Ulfat says:

Universal Freedom and Universal responsibility are the principle of NANHI DUNYA SCHOOLS in Dehradun, India. You have reconfirmed many things to us. I am so sorry for all those who are worried about the camera…who cares …feel the spirit of the Man. Thank you Noam. AK ???? Eric???

Enzo Gonzales says:

Love this man.

End the Reds V says:

Get this J out of my recommended llist

viasevenvai says:

“the internet is a cult generator…”. I like that idea, if you’re not careful you’ll reinforce any idea you want to.

W WANG says:

You are one of the great men I admire!

Mohammad Amin Armani says:

education higher power weapon it can controls everything and anything vs BR-NelsonMondale.org

Brian Dotkoma says:

Sometimes I believe I'm one of the only ones trying to merge and synthesize ideas from Chomsky, Zizek, Dostoyevski, Randt, Harris, Hitchens, yes even Peterson's lectures, and so on…
Leading me into a wonderfully emotional world of confusion and bliss at the same time, making me understand how and why people are attracted to authoritarian ideologies and 'strong leaders'… But at the same time; I will never give in w/o resistance – and resistance ought not to be futile.

If you see some of my other comments you'll know how logically insane I can get, I call it to experience psychological truth in joy and suffering – as well as it's politics in a set of nudging variables (google alghorhythm) to the max. I bet google and facebook would label me a schizo but my reasoning remains too understanding of my surroundings and other people to be so.

I'm so great, yay me. JK, just wanted to drop this amidst all the ideological puppets. #trueanarchism and I ask myself: really? y'arly

Planet Freedom says:

Purpose of public education is to keep the masses ignorant

TOMA says:

From the cover of the dvd I was deceived that there will be plenty of extreme shots. but it was very hard to get hard by it. More ear close up was needed. I wonder why there’s no internal organ shot. I think the manufacturer should focus more on its main customers rather who buys it for other non intended reasons. I think I might file for a refund.

Lahmacun Yiyici Beğ says:

Cameraman: "What's this boring education thing? I'll just zoom into his nasal hair for fun instead."

satnamo says:

The purpose of education from the Enlightenment tradition is to help people determine how to learn on their own. It is me, the learner who is going to achieve in the course of education.

The highest goal in life is to inquire and create,

to search the riches of the the past,

try to internalize the parts that are significant to me,

and carry out that quest for understanding further in my own way.

That is the purpose of the education system of MLCA@CCG

coda creator says:

Thank God for private Liberal Arts colleges! The one I went to began by explaining their approach to education was the "drawing out what [was] already there." I've never regretted it. And if I have to die to eliminate my student loan debt, I don't care. I'll die with the firm belief that I won't have missed anything worth living for, anyway. We have it backward in so many ways, it's all but unbearable.

Edward Carter says:

Education is just the ability to remember stuff. U need a good dose of commonsense aswell.

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