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Olivia Cole “Panther in the Hive” indiegogo video

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Indiegogo page: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/panther-in-the-hive-a-novel-of-cybertronic-zombies-and-prada/x/5902173

My novel began to form when I stood in my apartment, kitchen knife in hand, and began to dream.

It isn’t a plague that brings down the States: it’s a tiny medical chip that was available to holders of MINK health insurance policies, implanted in the neck for health, cosmetic, and sexual benefits. The percent of the population lucky enough to get the Chip are now unlucky enough to be transformed into mindless killers when there’s a malfunction in the implant.

Tasha, and everyone else who was uninsured before the Change, is on her own. But what’s new? In Panther in the Hive, former fashion addict Tasha Lockett leaves her apartment carrying only a kitchen knife and a Prada backpack and embarks on a dangerous journey for the South Side where she’s heard there is a safe zone and a mysterious Dr. Rio who might be able to set things right.

Tasha Lockett is a combination of about six real women in my life who are strong enough, stubborn enough, and kick-ass enough to survive a cybertronic apocalypse. This book is for them. There are not enough stories about women and the apocalypse—let alone women of color—so fund this book if you want to read a truly epic one.

To keep the vision of Tasha alive, I am self-publishing this book. But I need your help.

There are major costs when you self-publish:

· Beautiful cover art

· Professional editing

· Appealing layout

· Video production

· Marketing costs,

· and—of course—perks for my amazing donors!

Not only will I be giving out copies of the book—both electronic and paperback—but there will be other dope perks like t-shirts, posters, and more. Want to be among the first to join #TeamTasha? You’re going to be cheering for her every step of the way as she learns to leave behind the things that made her week in the time Before and embrace the things that make her strong.

Donate and Share for Bragging Rights

I don’t know about you, but two of the best things in life are: 1) knowing about cool stuff before everyone else and 2) being the person who gets to tell everyone about said cool stuff and looking like this. So be the cool kid! Donate to this campaign so that when this book hits the streets you can brag to everyone about how you got an autographed copy of the Next Big Thing, and share this campaign so that when your friends love the book too, you can say, “I told you so.”

Donate now! You really are going to love this book. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/panther-in-the-hive-a-novel-of-cybertronic-zombies-and-prada/x/5902173


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