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ONLINE CLASSES BETTER??? // Honest Analysis of Online vs. Traditional Campus Style College

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Is online college worth it? Easier acceptance, cheaper classes, and your own schedule make online college experiences very appealing.
In this video, I compare and contrast the different forms of education and focus on the details you need to know before making your decision!
Large vs. Small Colleges: https://youtu.be/1si7ahzoMJM

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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! Thank you all for watching!


Toasty Volvo says:

I do not find these positives for online learning as beneficial. My education is more precious to me than the difference between $30k and $37k. Waking up, preparing to go to class, and showing up sets a standard for myself. I am at the university. My sole focus is educating myself. To listen to my professor engage with us concerning lecture content, discussion, and assignment criteria is far more valuable time spent rather than trying to sort through links and misnomer labeled tabs to find material. I am only 30 but I feel that professors do not make their learning web-clients intuitive whatsoever. I don't benefit from writing on any of my classmate's posts. Their opinions and views are their own and the assessment done of their understanding falls only to the instructor. It is a disrespectful use of my time to craft a meaningless petty cute comment to someone's view on topic x-y-z.

Kyle Yang says:

Is online schooling better for Web developing or on campus?

crystal clay says:

I swear he's wearing lipstick

The Mandalorian says:

This is literally my teachers when it comes to posting online assignments during this pandemic:

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

Lance Bailey says:

I’m 20 and I’m an electrician trying to do online classes to get a engineering degree. I hope it all works out

Sperex 3 says:

I hate online classes I have to wake up at 8 o’clock and my mom is being a bitch and yelling at me to get up a do the work but I’m tired I want to lay down and chill and even with the kids without a laptop or computer or phone what do they do a whole fucking work packet and they still have to get up early to do the fucking work packet and even when I think I’m done no a fucking teacher is being a bitch and adds more class work and every FUCKING DAY YOU WAKE UP EARLY AS FUCK TO DO SOME DUMB BULL SHIT Fuck school

Luis Cabral Almeida says:

Great video!

Bianca Carvalho says:

Thank you for this video 🙂

Jo jo says:

Wait so online gives you certificates and not degrees?

And they what?? They record you? Do all online classes do this? I wanna take online so I don't have to interact with people

Thonemixay Family says:

I rather taking online classes due to I'm a Mother working full time and raising my 3 children plus my husband support me every step away for me to earn my batchelor degree at the university of Utah, thanks for showing this video

Akshay 28392 says:

With online degrees can a person get a job in the US from another country? Wouldn't it be harder?

Young Jesus says:

i dont even wanna go to college, i wanna enter a trade but im planning on taking online courses through ashworth college

LandOfSand says:

Soo online college gives u a certificate and college in campus give a degree

Xcoming.2 says:

Hi comment reader. How was your day?

Finishing LINE J says:

thank you for these infos…….i will try online classes.

trainsirf says:

Is this Nate O’Brien’s brother?

Candace Hector says:

I’m going to school online this fall. I’m 25 and honestly gave up on the idea of finishing college because of the cost and being that I work full time in the production industry that has hours literally set to prevent people from working and studying. My company offers tuition reimbursement so I definitely want to take advantage of it that’s why I’m choosing the online route.

Ricardo Hernández Vega says:

Thank you for including your equipment specs, that's what I was looking for!
You've got my Like and Suscribe

Shanice Grande says:

im 18 and I already started my first uni semester. but for the rest of semesters im gonna do online (if all goes well).

DorksDelivered says:

Both have their advantages and disadvantages and it depends if what will suit a person.

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