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Online School FAQ | FLVS

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Hey! I was super excited to record and upload my first video. Make sure to open the description box to see links to everything!

Hopefully you learned something new or I answered a question you had about online schooling. Thanks for watching and I hope you liked it.



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Arianna Jean says:

So if you are in your senior year do you receive a diploma and do you get to walk?

Mitchell Tatsuya says:

What are your electives?

Martin R. says:

Wait, is this girl single??

Honey Affirmations says:

I'm doing a lesson rn🗿 yet I'm watching this

Edit: Fuck nvm I have to schedule a DBA fml-

d y n a h says:

I do flvs and it's been going good but the DBAs make me want to die

Cielo Diaz says:

I do flvs and I’m 9 in the 3rd grade and the 3rd grade homework is so confusing nobody in my family knows how to do it I barley even know how to do it and I hate DBAs because the teachers and the kids there are such retards and annoying like they make us watch nursery songs I hate it so much oh and there’s this one exam on paper that shit took me 6 TIMES TO DO IT and every time she gave me an F until I got an A+ and each time I did it I should’ve gotten an 80 because I did everything she wanted on the paper I’m her best student and. She hates me and I got an 80 on the exam and she made me do it again 6 times I’m tired of the bs this year I’m going to Apa where my brothers and sisters went it’s a private school with like 2 kids each class and by 2 kids I mean just you and another person I’m really looking forward to it

mr. monkey says:

hiii i only did flvs flex but I’m going into full time this year! can you access your classes on the weekends like on flex?

Kim Nareom says:

this yr i enrolled in flvs

Randall Woods says:

So is the lesson taught together with other students because i have flvs too and my teacher wants me to join an online DBA session and im hoping its not a video chat

Victoria Shevchenko says:

Are all of the lessons live and if you dont want to do live is there an other choice like if you have to skip a day for vacation is there like work you skip or is it like already saved into the computer.

Norris Productions says:

I've completed both segments of Pre-Algebra on FLVS. You are basically your own teacher. Sometimes you can ask for help if you need it, but it is really all on you. I'm looking into taking Anatomy & Physiology next.

Kendal Dieleman says:

Will flvs full time give me a diploma or would I have to do public school my senior year

Dae Mic says:

Is it possible to complete a 36week course on flvs in one summer.

Lili A says:

Does flvs have summer courses?

Chloe Bridges says:

I’m doing flvs and it kinda sucks😭

Civvzy says:

wsupp i do online school

Planet Oby says:

I hate flvs my Teacher is so stupid she never answers her calls and then when she does call back over I already have figured out what I have to do oh and if I get one thing wrong she gives me a 50 until I fix it and when I do fix it she says it was right to begin with and then tells me to fix it back to normal I swear this teacher needs to make up your mind because I’m being held back because of here and if this keeps on happening I’m going to be dropped in a week and it’s not just me it’s 90% of my class I honestly don’t know why our teachers haven’t reported her we were doing just fine with the other teacher we had and she had more work than the one we have now I can’t wait till she gets fired so I can get a new teacher I am so tired of this bs😭🤯😭🤬🤬😤😤

Ya girlll Kayy says:

I do flvs and I hate it 😫 do you live in Florida ?

Bshe Jebebej says:

Hey I have a question I really liked your video I do flvs and I got homeschooled have way through the year and for 7 grade and it’s hard for me to keep up do you have any advice

Marissa Libey says:

my mom is putting me in FLVS

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