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Our Top Picks From The 2019 Geneva Motor Show | Carfection

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Henry Catchpole takes you on a tour of the highlights of the 2019 Geneva motor show.
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Narblo says:

VW Buggy .
Kangaroo is very interesting
And what the hell happen to lamborghini designs? Since 2002 Murcielago and the exception of sesto elemento they are very ugly

Mike Hunt says:

An all wheel drive Porsche is a beast…

Sami Sreekumar says:

Nice explanation dear brother. Appreciate it.

quang dong xuan says:

Tui nhục cái đit con mẹ mày lâm hùng ak

me me says:

Which type of drugs you do Henry?🙃 that eyes are familiar😇

onyx lifestyle card says:

OMG~~ yellow RUF

Raymond Fee says:

The new Shelby gt 500 is awesome. Worth highlighting but not sure if it was at the show

Callum Pattie says:

What a fantastic show this year.

Ivan Kunardi says:

Still waiting for the Ruf Yellowbird road test

Ryan Berry says:

Mansory comment was spot on and made me laugh.

ZionHillCalling says:

I don't understand a fucking thing this bloke says. He swallows half of his words before they have come out of his mouth.


Lowkey I'd cop that Honda

6 of 10 says:

love the pedals on that veedub buggy

jay phil says:

Guy looks like wolverine…nice cars though

Mugiwara says:

you should be the next wolverine!! 🙂 🙂

Neil Milner says:

The Zonda stirs visual and physical senses like no other car. I'd take the Zonda above anything at the show too Henry

AMRosa10 says:

I would take away La Voiture Noire… Do a photoshoot in it to show that I owned it, then sell it and buy a house with a large garage and buy a few other cars… Mercedes AMG GT R… Lamborghini Huracan Performante and an Aston Martin Vulcan for track days, and an Audi E-Tron…

Whitklep says:

What about the JESKO? 99% percent in house and 100% awesome.

Mudit Sharma says:

He didn't show any indian car brand

Mindy G says:

At 12:50… what Porsche is that? He mumbles and I cant make it out….

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