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Please watch this before buying healthcare on Healthcare.gov

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So now that open enrollment is active I wanted to show everyone some of the hidden unknowns of the program and why your healthcare is so expensive.

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King Crypto says:

Keep making these kinds of videos! Thanks.

Artist1974CH says:

This is why we need Universal Healthcare not ObamaCare! Heck! American's tax dollars are paying politicians' healthcare! So these Republican and Democrat political assholes are getting free healthcare paid by the American tax payers!

Alan Lee says:

How do I terminate my Healthcare.gov account?

Peighton Burke says:

Im a health insurance advisor and I find people better options for coverage all the time. If you need help let me know.

That DIY Couple says:

Thank you for making this! I would love to see one for 2020!

George STEWART says:

If the Republicans had worked on any healthcare program and not given the 1%r's a tax break we could have had good healthcare and even infrastructure replaced. The healthcare insurance company's stuff the Republican politicians pockets with money to influence their vote to keep health insurance companies in business, for profit.

MrTheJerkstore says:

County differences due to subsidy being a function of lowest cost silver plan. In more urban areas, extra competitors = lower prices lowest cost silver plan lowering subsidies and this raising cost of insurance. Rural counties with fewer carriers offer higher subsidies and this lower prices for comparable coverage

Sharon Reif says:

Universal health care is desperately needed. I have great insurance but a high deductible and I cannot afford to see a dr. Crazy.

sciencelearnremember says:

High premiums and deductibles, minimal or no tax credit, expensive copays, whopping 50% coinsurance only after deductible, or full cost until deductible met, even for drugs…but I have no choice for now

Aws AmER says:

I was have Insurance from DHS but they stop it on Feb,2019 an I need to do sinuses surgery any advice about how can I cover it? thanks

Julio Rodriguez says:

My email has somehow been removed from my healthcare account. So they are charging me and won't let me in. I just called and now my number is blocked from 1800 318 2596. It says the health care system is not available in My area (Miami Florida). So now I am being charged 120 dollars for an account I can't get in, and a phone number I can't call

Spookay T'is Me says:

It astounds me that Americans eat their healthcare slop an think that they have the best HealthCare in the world. It's the only 1st world country without Universal HealthCare Because all the insurance companies and medical companies have their hands deep in the pockets of lobbyists and sponsor vids and "studies" that scare the average person into believing that Universal HealthCare will bankrupt everyone or tell you that wait lists are insane (which is false). Most people have been drinking the Kool aid!

gogussie says:

Mista ..I own my business…Obama care was still forced on me!!! What are u talking about???
Obama care ..thank you rhino McCain 😡.

gogussie says:

I made to much money..I paid 997.00 a month..one person, high deductible.
INSANE!!!!!! No medical prior, not even a prescription!
MY PLAN..FULL PRICE… *Cadillac Cluster Plan..
* Bending over first is strongly recommended for ease of use.

Monte Elissa says:

I am a Physiotherapist in Australia. It seems our health insurance administrators have no issue with: A) CEO's lying, health insurance allowing the switching of patient codes for claims, no communication when asking for rules/feedback/interpretation, discrimination and bad faith practices. I wish I could post my website details here which displays my 4 years collection of clear evidence.

saul2007t says:

Single payer, healthcare for all. Cut out the insurance companies. Get prescription drug prices under control. Standardize procedures and costs nationwide. Americans should not have to gamble on health just to make corporations richer. We have a military for all, so we should have healthcare for all.

michael stamper says:

the reason you didnt get the tax credit at the start is because you said that you are eligible for health coverage though your job so therefore you wont be eligible for the tax credit, as far as the extra saving and what not, you dont have to get the silver plan, the reason they say have to pick a silver plan to get the extra saving is because the silver plans offer cost sharing reductions the lower you out of pocket maximum and what not. and not all plans are availible in every single county/city

Jim Feaster says:

Best senior care
1 kaiser 1 866 973 4584
2 bluecross 1 877 486 2048
3 easychoice 1 866 999 3945
4 healthnet 1 800 675 6110
Forget united health care
No good Horrible !


what ever u do…don’t choose AMBETTER!! they are SHITTY

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