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Police pull over Florida state attorney

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Two Florida police officers are facing scrutiny for a traffic stop where they pulled over a state attorney back in June. The entire incident was caught on the officers’ body cameras. CBSN’s Stephanie Sy has details.

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C Williams says:

I didn't hear any apologies!

Ray Prince says:

Over 5K thumbs down after seeing this? REALLY?

andy gar says:

I´m the arquitect i created the Matrix … oh oh.

Zach Breeden says:

State Attorney: Do you have cards on you?
Cop: Yes, I can write my resignation down for you.

Terrance Coleman says:

State attorney with know power. Looking stupid

Tyron Megawatts says:

They run our tags randomly?

Minor snow says:

She was real classy about that..And didn't get shot!

Turtle Lover says:

The way they train officers is so stupid.
Stoping a beautiful woman just for her color of skin 😡
The funny part officers didn't know what to said😂

Jake says:

they were doing their job. But you shouldn't pull over any gov official. They are above the law.

Terrence Pierson says:

Got pulled over on a DWB. Driving while black

Fucking Epic says:

I’m just worry those pigs still out there stopping people for no reason.

caspercorp says:

English second language here… What does "run Tag" means??? When she saids "what's the Tag run for??? "


the reptoid cop wants to tell the human woman we bully people all the time

Vicky Landing says:

Cop always trying to get out of something call ur Superior

Knarf Feob says:

Cop: the reason why is stopped you is. You are to dark.

jeffrrryyy says:

The nervous throat clear and the heavy breathing into the body cam are priceless

Isho GT says:

So you already know that shes a state attorney and then you still have the nerve to say that her tints are pretty dark, but you dont have anything to measure it? That dude better be scrubbing toilets by now.

Jeremy Nelson says:

Those windows are clear as day 🤔🤔

william burr says:

I could of sworn police couldn't just randomly run tags without reasonable suspicion. I may be wrong though.

Blake Stewart says:

Good old Orlando PD. Same department that tried to arrest me after i had my orbital destroyed, and my skull fractured walking to my car in a parking garage, and i managed to get away and ask them for help. Refused to take a report. I was left with nothing and no information after i recovered from a concussion and 5 surgeries. Typical behavior for an ineffective police department.

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