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PRE-ARRIVAL: Firefighters battle fire in auto repair shop, North Whitehall, PA.

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At 11:51AM Tuesday, Lehigh County Fire Radio transmitted the box for a structural fire at 3220 Mauch Chunk Road in North Whitehall Township.

Additional information provided to Chief 16 from the fire dispatcher was one caller reporting smoke from the building.

When Chief 16 arrived, he found a 1-story auto repair shop with fire and smoke pushing from the building and struck out the second alarm.

Someone backed a pick-up truck to the overhead doors in the rear and ran inside to save the tool chest. They chained it and used the pick-up to pull it out of the garage before it engulfed in flames.

Volunteers from North Whitehall, Whitehall, South Whitehall and Catasauqua assisted at the fire.


Ryan Wells says:

What really gets me about this scene is that this is an auto repair shop, which means you have some of the most toxic chemicals inside, not to mention the building itself and it's cheap content's. And yet, over half of these yay-hoo's don't even have their masks on, mostly from South Whitehall. I saw one guy from North Whitehall who didn't have his nomex hood on right up against the seat of the fire. F*****g seriously?? This is just plain sad. I know these guys are volunteer's, but getting right into the worst of the smoke not masked up is just pathetic. You think you're a badass? No, you're a dumbass who's going to be dead of cancer in 10-15 years. I mean, if we didn't mask up at a fire like this, somebody's getting demoted or at the very least, the entire crew is getting a written reprimand with mandatory remedial training in their file. Get on air guys, that's first day stuff.

Nothing against volunteer's, but these departments need to start trying to go full time paid with better training and safety measures. To hell with that tradition shit, this isn't 1880 anymore and we're not fighting the same fires like we used to. Firefighting is a whole new ballgame now and we need to roll with the punches.

George Shields says:

This video should embarrass those involved in it. Sad to watch. I hope this was just a one of those days where nothing was gonna go right.

* Tmiranda* says:

Typical. Zero sense of urgency from the fire fighters. A complete cluster

Steve M says:

Cómo bomberos son muy buenos agricultores

Random randomness says:

What a shitshow ….

Linda Storey says:

I've seen a few u s fire fighter videos, and I cant believe at how much fannying a out that goes on before one drop of water is used.

Mike Freeman says:

Let's see how slow we can go.

James McDowell says:

Why would you use a ladder truck on a single story building? Oh ya, because we have one and don’t know what we are doing.

Craig Clemens says:

Cluster fuck of epic proportions.

Nathan R. says:

What a shit show!

Antique Catfishing says:

Someone please explain to me the actual reason the ladder truck was needed on a 1.5 story building, there was mor loss created by waiting on everything for it when water should have been on the fire from the first engine/pumper to active on the scene.

bigg dogg says:

Problem isnt the firefighters its the command

Watti1988 says:

Just experts here in the comment section.
1. The Video is cut, we dont know what the first engine did? Get water? Was there 5 seconds or 5 minutes till the ladder arrived?
2. Lets be honest, there was nothing to save anyway at this time.
3. However some Points may be part of critizism…ladder die this building?

Billy Kid says:

I live in Nothampton right down the road. Whats the name of that place?

Tom Johnson says:

I do not understand American methodology in Firefighting, if the timeline is to be believed tens minutes before water is on the fire with immediate results, why did they need the ladder (aerial appliance) and all the palaver it getting it situated by the time they got work, they were fighting a rubbish fire. it's almost a case of "got all the you beaut gear so we must use it."

Ron Eagle says:

"Hey….we just got this ladder truck, don't let them put it out til we get it set up and squirting!" Really hard to watch.

Mayham says:

alldo there is allot to be sayed about the FD the one that filmed/edited this vid left out the collapses it was nice and close do

larry L says:

I can´t even laugh about this. not wearing their PPE right/at all, my turtoise walks faster than these guys, the guy at 1:08 with his normal pants an shoes, (leaders lead by example) and then when the majority is out they just drain everything in water instead of getting some hooks and pull the debris apart
you would get your ass kicked if you would do that in my department.

Is this a Vollie dept or career. Seems to me that a lot of the vollies in the US take it too easy and are badly, if at all trained. in germany we have to go through Basic training, wich is 70 Hours of first aid, extraction and firefighting training. Thats what you have to do to be allowed to go to calls at all. than you have to do SCBA training, wich is 25 hours of interrior attacs, RIT training and a yearly sport test inside your FD and every 3 years with a doctor to make sure youre physically fit do do this. then you have to do your Radio training to be allowed to operate radios, wich is 16 hours. and then there is a lot of other stuff that you have to do if you want to become a Engineer/driver, lioutenant, and so on.

Stay safe and trained. greetings from a vollie from Germany!

Moise Tingue says:

Well done Cameraman!!! Finally someone records firefighters in action rather than fire coming out of a door or window!! Good job!! Everyone wants to Monday morning quarterback but forgot that they are not there to know what are the circumstances are for the firefighters efforts. Leadership, equipment, training, etc. What’s important here is no one was hurt and all are safe.

David Woodruff says:

fire dept is slow and about worthless

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