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Raptors vs Warriors NBA FINALS Basketball challenges

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Camden Koenig says:

A lot of people ask for likes for coments but i just want a big mac

Lydia Nicholas Eden Family show says:

Not going to like

Natalie Almaguer says:

Let's go team gsw

Curly McCrummen says:

I know mvp kawi will win

Arthur Munoz says:

Raptors wins

Junk j pabloddsa. flores says:

Raptors Wins

Chary C says:

bruh the camera man was fucking good

Ibrahim986 Gaming says:

Kyle Lowry is a NBA champion.

tct frank says:

i think the warriors will win

Pewdiepie Real says:

Who's here after the warriors got destroyed by the raptors?

Mashiah Mitchell says:

Kris says “there is no win by 2 it’s the NBA FINALS.”

15 seconds later

Kris says “I said it was over the back, you don’t call over the back in STREETBALL”


Daron Joseph says:

Raptors won 4 3

Braylon Barnes says:

i hate you jesser

Conner Snyder says:

raptors win in six

The OKC Fan says:

I like how Chris is wearing a thunder shirt and wearing an old Warriors Jersey

Natalie Schluessler says:


non-toxic gamer says:

My name is Mark

DernNite says:

To be honest I only cheer for the team that Mopi is on 😂

michael moreno says:

Directors one I got pissed because I really want the Warriors the Warriors my best team

Ana Calderon says:

Warriors win because of Stephen curry

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