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Real Lawyer Goes To Court in Phoenix Wright • Professionals Play

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How realistic is Phoenix Wright from the eyes of a real criminal defense attorney?

Twitter: @dianaaizman

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Phoenix Wright / Capcom
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Angela Fontana says:

The reason the burden of proof is on the defense (aside from it being a game mechanic) is because the game is a satire of the Japanese legal system and their extremely high conviction rate- it is basically ‘you have to prove you’re not guilty’.

Lily Blackwell says:

… This is the Japanese legal system, you'd have to get a Japanese lawyer to analyze it fairly.

Siobahn Fideler says:

this is 150% a copycat of Legal Eagles video

Emily Steele says:

‘We’ll just have to remind you’ sounds so aggressive-

RichWaterz says:

She can criticize all she wants but you can tell she's having fun playing the game lol

Raiden Photography says:

That's was cool to watch and any one thing this girl playing this game is hot 😍

Marc Mistica says:

I can't believe there's still no photographers play Pokemon Snap

R4!D says:

0:07 Glad we’re on the same page.

UnexpectedDanger says:

She could be a streamer. She's entertaining and engaging, and I like her reading the dialogue out. She seems like she's legitimately having fun too.

Pedro Luiz says:


Rainbow Dash says:

I have to give this a video a thumbs down because you got a United states-based lawyer for a japanese-based lawyer game you should have really gotten a Japanese lawyer to play this game it's not United States laws its Japanese laws in the game

Rainbow Dash says:

Why didn't you get a Japanese lawyer not a United States lawyer this is a Japanese law-based game

local chesire and jimin's jams says:

i think we all forget that this is originally a japanese video game and they may have used the japanese court system instead of the us constitution.

blackjaguar324 says:

So she just labels Mia as a dominatrix? Oh man…..lol


I kinda like this series

Waifuhunter 420 says:

would be more fun if she played one of the harder missions

C E O says:

I'd like to cross examine her

Ryan says:

Pheonix wright is pretty unrealistic, i know nothing about court trials and crap and even that much is obvious, but dang are the games fun

Floppy says:

Who would’ve guessed? Everyone.

Amauri Herrera says:

I love how she calls out all the inaccuracies with a smile, informative but very charming. Well, well, well someone is very persuasive, no wonder about her line of work.

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