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Real Lawyer Goes To Court in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney • Professionals Play

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How realistic is Phoenix Wright from the eyes of a real criminal defense attorney?

Twitter: @dianaaizman

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Phoenix Wright / Capcom
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Angela Fontana says:

The reason the burden of proof is on the defense (aside from it being a game mechanic) is because the game is a satire of the Japanese legal system and their extremely high conviction rate- it is basically ‘you have to prove you’re not guilty’.

therisingofelf says:

Wait till she sees the exorcism.

Vince Superpro says:

Shoulda shown to her the reason why does the victim bring the clock to Paris after the trial.

FrozenSolid90 says:

Trying to compare Ace Attorney to any real legal system is kind of silly, since it's supposed to be a mashup of legal systems Japan, Europe and the US from what I know of… Probably more taken from Japan than anywhere else, since it's made by Japanese developers…
And even then it's probably had bits turned up for drama, and to make more like a video game in certain aspects…

teetheluchador says:

lmao I loved this !!!! This was awesome

ThreeGlassjars says:

Wait until they find out about the part where you cross examine a parrot.

Eddlicious says:

"Did he chew a cyanide container?"
LMAAAAOOOOOOOOOO I fucking can't. She needs to do a commentary for all the PW games, I'll pay for it.

Hsya says:

This applies for my course to. I'm in the medic field. I had to watch some cheap drama do CPR on a person with a stroke….and the cost of the CPR was thousands as they claimed it was 'surgery'…… it hurt

Bxrry Comments says:

Wait until she gets the Updated Autopsy Report

L Y says:

I'm a japanese. I saw it to study English.I love Ace Attorney.

Kent Salcedo says:

11:20 This was actually addressed in the aftermath of this case. The defendant, Larry Butz, was depressed because he found out about the victim, his girlfriend's, sugar daddies during the hearing. He was so in the belief that she was in love with him, but he found out that she did not care about him at all.

Well, Phoenix presents the The Thinker clock to him. She would not bother bringing that heavy luggage with her if he didn't care about Larry, but she did.

TheDerpyKittyCrafter // Abriderp3434 says:

Oh, just wait till she gets to Franziska von Karma.

Mini Nunbread says:

Diana Is Sae from persona 5 no questions asked

Nathan Mulvenna says:

Ace attorney is so damn good not gonna lie

Pastel Sky says:

„Gahh! throws hair oh okay“

evan echo says:

I would pay to watch her play the entire game xD

Austin Lee says:

Also one way you can tell he was lying was that he said he tried to use the phone inside but again said he never went into the apartment.

YASK says:

meth habit

Felpa Prod says:

Someone should had explained this lawyer that this is a satire of the Japanese legal system… I think if someone explained this to her… Maybe she could think on starting to be a let's player, it would be a LOT of fun.
Like in my country is kinda like the same that in the game, it's unfair, and the judge dictates sentences… So yup, the way that the legal system works it's different in a lot of countries, as a lawyer she should know, but still, it's a lovely let's play, like she is so funny on this game, like pretty sarcastic, she should be a let's player.

Bloobs McGargen says:

She is lovely.

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