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Root Car Insurance Review – Did I Save Some Money? My Experience

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Save up to 52% on your car insurance.
Get a rate based primarily on how you drive. Fair insurance. No gimmicks.

Root Car Insurance Review – Did I Save Some Money? My Experience

How it works
Ready to take the Root test drive and save up to 52% on your car insurance policy? Let’s get started.

We believe car insurance should be rooted in fairness
If you drive well, you are less likely to get in an accident. Therefore, you should pay less. That’s the simple thesis our company is built on. We’re restoring fairness to the insurance industry one policy at a time.

Simple pricing
What you see is what you get. There are no gotchas with Root. Once you receive a quote we give you full control over your insurance coverage.

Fair rates
You’re paying for car insurance based on how risky you look on paper. You deserve a fair rate based on how you drive, not who you are.

Modern products
Life has its surprises. Everything you need to manage your insurance and handle a claim is on-demand in our mobile app.


0 oo0 says:

How would it work for me if I only drive my personal car like 30 miles a week but I drive over 3000 miles on my semi truck?

ISSAC.J says:

Do they cover motorcycle insurance?

Daniel Vo says:

Bruh they want me to pay 1000 a month

Maxx Rdz says:

How easy is it making a claim

Nuragna theBloodedge says:

I like this guy..he tells it how it is… 🙂

Dylan Grube says:

Yeah but they aren't paying out!

Muamera Bektic says:

Root car insurance is the best, Im 21 and it saved me $117 every month, i love it

Steven Sturgis says:

Roots pricing was amazing for me, they cut my rate almost in half. HOWEVER beware if life throws you a curve ball they do not care at all. I had a terrible accident at work and was in the hospital for about a month. By the time I got out and was able to see to my affairs; my policy had been cancelled for a little over 20 days. When I called Root to reinstate they basically told me to kick rocks. They said my policy could not be reinstated regardless of the reason it lapsed. The price was great but if the difference for you is not more than 20%-30% I would stick with a conventional insurer…Root has the compassion of a robot.

Elevated Vue says:

@rootinsurance, do you penalize for late night driving? I drive for Uber twice a week. Typically from 9PM-2AM.

TikTok Of Kenneth says:

Enter code here. But I don't code. please help me. I need code 25$

Jerome Henry says:

Do you mind if I ask what car did you put root insurance on?

Darth Tater says:

1 buy a used phone
2 install root
3 hide it in your grandmas car
4 save money

TONE NAZ says:

Don't like the idea of being tracked. You should be going off my license number through the DMV report.

910AM Superstation Funnies says:

You saved about $10, with the possibility of never being able to file a claim! LMAO [..from the reports I hear and read about, where people cannot contact anyone or it's very difficult, when filing a claim because you have no agent, these reports are rising. Especially if it's the other driver, and they don't have ROOT! But the person with Root hit you! Yikes!]

Ngọc Thắng TV says:

states that support $ 50 $ 100

Ngọc Thắng TV says:

states that support $ 50 $ 100

Ngọc Thắng TV says:

states that support $ 50 $ 100

Ngọc Thắng TV says:

states that support $ 50 $ 100

Raw Creations says:

Is this a contract or monthly?

Yg Bodybuilder says:

Fuck them they denied me as soon as I signed up wtf kind of shit is that

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