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Salt Lake Stallions vs. Arizona Hotshots | AAF Week 1 Game Highlights

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Check out the Week 1 of the Alliance of American Football league game highlights between the Salt Lake Stallions and Arizona Hotshots!

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Dk ec says:

This must be where all the trash players go to

DragonKazooie89 says:

Finally Salt Lake has another "sports" team

CHANDLERraised says:

IM SO HAPPY MY STATE HAS A GOOD TEAM (btw not a Cardinals fan)

Ben Heinz says:

More exciting than this past super bowl.

Daniel Martins says:

these refs are trash on one of the plays they were three seconds late to snap but no flag

Fortnite Person says:

NFL should buy the league and make this a developmental league like the G league

Display Lmao says:

Everyone can know say that this is it

Cause there ain’t no flags

KrazyCam10 says:

I think my team is going to be the SL Stallions, they have potentials and they’re my local team, I also like the colors 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

DJ KO says:

Love that the nfl is onboard with this league one of the main reasons why it will succeed and prosper imo

97drose says:

This has me thinking maybe 2k should make an AAf football game 🤔

Tanner Rennie says:

Don’t like the hotshots jerseys to much

Jay The 2nd says:


Austin Jones says:

John Wolford looks good man, I remember his Wake Forest days and he was a tough quarterback on a mediocre team. His play actually reminds a lot of Baker Mayfield, whose proven to be a much better NFL qb than I thought he would, especially as a rookie. Cleveland Browns, get rid of Tyrod Taylor (which will give you even more cap space than what you already have) and make Mr. Wolford your #2, someone who could give you quality looks in practice to prepare for the likes of Russell Wilson and possibly Kyler Murray.

T0m My says:

Hope the NFL continues to support this

felix pabon says:

Waiting for a aaf game

Mattias Nelson says:

Is there a play clock

Vinni Pinheiro says:

It feels sooo good to see THAT on the NFL channel… Damn it, thank you, God!

Jeff Fulton says:

Sooo. AAF 2k game????

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