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State shuts down Redford auto repair shop after FOX 2 story

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The state is now getting involved after FOX 2 exposed a Redford Township auto repair shop that has been taking advantage of its customers. http://bit.ly/2p3lNrp


ron long says:

your a crook ,chop shop

manny_ nuff says:

Taryn Asher obviously doesn't have any common sense. That black lady asked her "if you seen all this would you let them work on your car" Taryn replied "if he said he could do the job I would let him" anyone with common sense that seen all that mess would think something ain't right here. So these people that brought their cars there must not have seen that mess somehow, unless they're Sheeple and they don't get it.

satan lives says:

Taryn, fine as hell

Randy Scalf says:

The mom has 1 solid point. "If it look like this would you drop your car off?" Hell no. If you do you're a damn idiot lmao

James Burdzinski says:

One man show . Wow.

James Burdzinski says:

We call that Bodyshop Jail. They sell your cars on a Lien for storage fees.

X FILES says:

Taryn Asher is a HOT BABE

bill smith says:

Wheres Rob Wolchek?

jeff rose says:

Maurielle. Her comments on Kwame Kilpatrick are disgusting she needs to be fired what a piece of s*** she is race-baiting b**

NYC Entrepreneur says:

Why don’t cops and the state do their jobs and do the research that the media does??

3rdaxis says:


Matt Seals says:

I like perusing your web video. Kudos!

Bill Hines says:

Her son lies like hell and mommy swears to it. Typical

OmegaMan says:

“It’s too much work for one person…” Then why the fuck did he accept it?

Legend 28 says:

We want rob, we want rob

Johnny Wrench says:

Everyone is looking to pay nothing always wanting everything for free so they go to the garage knowing he's no legitimate but looking to save a buck ,the guy got over his head probably trying to please everyone till he couldn't take all there cheap ass bullshit and now it's all his fault.

Johnny Wrench says:

Why would 1 man take on all that work in the first place.

MrBlaze1boy says:

No offence to the real mechanics out there but unfortunately because of this non sence we should see Provincial licences posted for the public to see along with the mechanics and their degrees which here where I live is practiced…………Dont know if the US does this.

HypeTv100 says:

you get what you pay for , you want to be cheap and pay an unlicensed shop to fix your car for cheap then get dont get mad when they take forever to fix your car ,

Brody’s Channel says:

I axed him dat

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