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Strong Asian Mothers – Hard To Find (Official Music Video)

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Music video for my band Strong Asian Mothers.
This was written and conceived by Tom Allen with some extra help from myself.
I also built all the sets myself.


​Writer: Tom Allen & Amer Chadha – Patel
Director: Tom & Amar
Producer: Tom & Amar, Isobelle Walton
Production Company: Agile Films
Director Of Photography: Tom Turley
Focus Puller: Joshua Dadson
2nd Ac: Jake Butt
Camera/Lighting Assistant: Bryan Lim
Dit: Harrison Luxton
Gaffer: Alex Edyvean
Spark: Tom Hampson
Sound Recordist: Nick Ager
Production Assistant: Kushal Gupta
Runner: Ella May Kirby
Art Director: Amar Chadha-Patel (Cockpits In Space)
Art Director: Benny Casey (Science Today Tv Studio )
Model Makers: Josh Stadlen, Sam Stadlen
Costume: Taff Williamson, Tom & Amar
Wardrobe Assistant: Giselle Hyam
Make-Up: Jess Clarke
Editor: Tom & Amar
Cartoon Animation: Claire Pinegar
Colourist: Toby Tomkins @Cheat
Sound Design & Mix: Patch Rowland @Machine
TV Show Music: Adam Janota Bzowski
VFX: Amer Chadha-Patel, Josh Everitt, Chris Dunleavy, Jae Ho Hwang, Teresa Gasco

Cast: Alistair Donegan, Atma Amin, Adam Janota Bzowski, Ben Higgs , Td Van Der Beek, Kyle Jon Shepard , Nadine Wild Palmer, Rafiq Richards, Parminder Chadha, Amina Patel, Lena Stadlen, Tom Hampson and Strong Asian Mothers


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