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Tea For Weight Loss – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Natural Supplement to Help Lose Weight Review

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Tea For Weight Loss – Fit Tea 14 Day Detox Natural Supplement to Help Lose Weight Review

In this video, Certified Health Coach Corrina Rachel reviews FitTea and discussed how tea can help with weight loss and improved health!

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This is a paid product review. Note from Corrina: We receive many offers for paid product reviews, but this is the first product that I actually agreed to endorse and actually consume myself.

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Mario Clark says:

black seed oil has 101 benefits

Mario Clark says:

try black seed oil

Kim H says:

Does this tea help with constipation?

DrZaius says:

I seem to remember you making a video about kombucha but I can't seem to find it. Can you please direct me to it?

Givi Gogoladze says:

My daughter loves Roiboos tea very much

Tita Rivera says:

fit tea has some pills would you recommend those pills for weight loss

bala murali krishna venkataraman says:

This is a nice find. Can you share your opinion regarding – Hesonxia SML Drops (its on google)? This is hcg but Im not sure whether to get it or not.

Besa65 says:

Is there a variety of this tea? Does this brand have a choice w/o pomegranate and ginger? I'm trying to avoid these ingredients because I have taken an Alcat (if you know what that is) which indicates that My body has a reaction to it. Thanks!

Besa65 says:

Is there a variety of this tea. Do they have this brand w/o pomegranate and ginger? Thanks!

Ricky Epps says:

So how many grams of sugar is healthful per servicing or per meal?

30 Day New You Challenge says:

hmm i buy my 5 day herbal detox here no caffiene http://www.buyherbal.club

Raji Green says:

I've been thinking about trying this tea and trying to research it to see if it's what I'm looking for. Thanks for the great review it definitely helped me to make a decision.

Billboz says:

Where's the tetley or pg tips

Jayleen Astorga says:

Which would you say is better and more efficient, skinny teatox or fit tea???
I want to buy one but I don't know which one I want

peaceweaves says:

I drink so much tea nowadays, it started when my coffee maker broke I needed my morning caffeine. What are you're thoughts on kombucha tea? I've heard so many stories of people making it themselves with a scobie they got from a friend, I'm just a little scared to let something ferment in my cupboard and then drink it. Thanks btw for being awesome Corrina!

hhmil54 says:

Why is CORN in tea?

R J says:

420 blaze it is the only tea I use

XleishNbenX says:

Can you buy fit tea in the UK?

Endezeichen Grimm says:

So is caffeine good or bad? I'm getting mixed messages.

TingleGeek ASMR says:

ginger is good for asthma too

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