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Texting While Driving Story — Reggie Shaw | AT&T

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Reggie Shaw shares his texting while driving accident story. Learn about the dangers of texting and driving and take the pledge at http://itcanwait.com.

Learn more about AT&T It Can Wait at http://www.att.com/itcanwait.

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Texting While Driving Story — Reggie Shaw | AT&T



chelsea gordon-kay says:

M8 it can wait

Dancemomsforever says:

I wish people would get that you don't text and drive!

Carmen Ali says:

Thank you for these videos… ATT . I use them in my lecture classroom for my 5/pre- license classes. My students like them a lot . Makes my students think twice .

gustavo fonseca says:

Scam Robery fake is AT&T

John Terrino says:

the audience look like a bunch of thugs – white collar ones.

Beverly Mcdowell says:

Someone hit me texting. She said i just had a wresk while texting. So she learn a lot but
I tryed to called to her.I did hope she has had another one.

FortNikitaBullion says:

You text, you drive, you lose.

boredstudent says:

Reggie Shaw made a mistake that changed his life forever but he's knows he made a mistake and he knows that he can never take it back no matter he wants to. all he can do now tell people what he did so that we don't follow his example

Brandy Vaughn says:

usjw <#>#+×00÷

Jacob 1 says:

Rliely is your cousin you should say hi.

Fetch Fries on the Bed Bath and Beyond Website says:

#DoNotTakeSelfiesandDrive #DoNotTextandDrive #NoTextisWorthaLife #NoTextApp-https://lnkd.in/dBAQgNc
Did you know taking selfies and driving is as bad , if not worse than being a drunk driver ? https://lnkd.in/bKHf_nT https://lnkd.in/b86YvXu

Hermes Monitiel says:

A todos teléfonos inteligentes podría ponerse un dispositivo qee bloqeeas el tablero para no escribir textos y no marcar números para llamar hasta este fuera de el vehículo resivir los mensajes por amor a Dios quiere estemos vivos y felices y nuestras familia y familiares también

Jonah Pililaau says:

one time, when my mom was driving, she sneezed. and then she peed herself.

mal john says:

Why are you not doing life in prison you scumbag.

Richard Bester says:

The problem with these is that now, after the event, they are saying, asking themselves, "How important was that message really?" "Could it have waited?" This gentleman commented that he was 5 minutes away from work and that he should have waited those 5 minutes. What was he thinking about while he was behind the wheel? What was going through his mind while he was on the road and texting while driving? That is the real question, because "could have, should have, would have" don't work after the fact. Please remember that.

eren yeager says:

does anyone know what the status of Reggie is now?

Jpdst29 says:

Texting is part of the problem but the bigger picture is general lack of focus and concentration when it comes to driving.  I drive constantly for work and any morning ritual you do at home I've seen people doing in their car.  Reading the paper while in the left hand lane doing 90mph, ipad propped up against the windshield in front of the steering wheel, tying a tie, putting on pantyhose, shaving, putting on makeup, eating breakfast, styling their hair, facetiming someone.  It is ridiculous.

Charlie5thumbs says:

I find it so sad that people just don't get it! I see people looking at their screens and driving ALL the time. It can wait!!!

The Reggie says:

Reggie came to my school today 🙂

ToFailToWin says:

One hand to answer . Two hands to reply . Three to kill.

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