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THE ALPHA TEST Official Trailer (2020) Sci-Fi Horror Movie

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victor hugo says:

Parece legal

Ms Chrissie says:

It shouldn’t have been so corny. Maybe more like iRobot but creepy and realistic. They take over and get us.

kassjazzy says:

There's already a tv show called Humans which this reminds me of, this is like the budget version

Niels Vermeulen says:

Good concept, but bad movie trailer

Lorem Ipsum says:

This looks really bad.

SonAmidamaru DBO says:

Skynet estaría orgullosa/o // Skynet would be proud

ewan says:

This looks trash, the robot design sucks, the acting is terrible. I refuse to waste 90 min of my life on this

Deloneys says:

Looks absolutely horrible.

ThatDarkAurora says:

Looks cheesy but how did the mom go through life without getting throat punched at least once? 🤣

Tuba says:

new Terminator ?

Mike Jorsch says:

Ex machina was better

The Official AnimeCitizen says:

The robot looks frightening, but her character is understandable. Reminds me of the Child's Play reboot.

Electrohead says:

This looooks so bad! It has to be fake lol

andyenid2 says:

It looks like a shitty home movie

Lloyd Bonafide says:

The movie looks trash but her design is creepy. Thats unfortunate. What a waste .

sneha rawat says:

When it's releasing ?

Tweekn 4 Shook says:

she said 👩🏻‍🦲

Danny Byrne says:

£20 to make a movie !!

Let's go lol

Utter shite

Beezy Unique25 says:

I robot reboot

PhantomPain74 MZR says:

Its a test , gess everyone in this movie is a Android …

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