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The Cartoonist HD

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AW YEAH! This has been a Year in the Making! I am honored and humbled to present to you The Cartoonist Documentary by Rhys McIntyre Videography!

Comic Books have become a way of life.

Aw Yeah Comics!

This is secret Journey of cartoonist Art Baltazar who’s cartoony style found its way into the comic industry. Now, Artie lives the dream every day…drawing his stories in his basement studio.

This is…

The Cartoonist.

Please enjoy!


Massimo Gigante says:

Is that really his name?

VicThor says:

Art, you are THE MAN with the big M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack Da Critic says:

Art Baltazar is awesome

Mónica Muñoz says:

Famous cartoonist Art Baltazar! Great and fun video

Scott Holtz says:

Awesome. Thanks, Art for being a big part of reintroducing me to comics and believing in beautiful Downtown Skokie.

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