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The Hardest Hits Of Week 1 | AAF Football 2019 Highlights

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All Content is owned by the #NFL, i take their clips and make compilations with rare plays and popular plays.


Ding Productions says:

Another double upload today! 17 minute nfl video coming later 🙂

hunkydude322 says:

you guys out there in tv land got time to watclh this bull shit, apparently some folks didn't get enough of the nfl last season oh well, the refs are having fun for sure.

Namer says:

almost reminds me of what football used to be like

Krezi says:

You know what I like.most? The fact that all of the quarterbacks that got hit hard got.up fairly easily with no.complaints. shows that QBs that are fighting.for.something will be perfectly fine and can take a couple hits. All these high up NFL QBs are pussies

AdderTude says:

I like how they have the players mic'ed up on replays, such as the hit at 1:20

Corey Holt says:

You can tell some of these guys have been waiting for a chance to hit someone for a LONG time

Tbone Jones says:

I call dibs on being the first fan of Philadelphia… Suckers

Chris Lee says:

Ye Olde Football

Fizzi Fedrizzi says:

already more entertaining than the NF. To be honest, none of these are illegal hits either. The NFL is lame as hell now. Imagine if this were Tom Brady getting hit like that? automatic suspensions would be handed out.

Anthony Swope says:

Sacking the quarterback is like taking all of the offensive players and putting them in one bag, and I take a baseball bat and beat on the bag.

David "Deacon" Jones

Kenny Usher says:

Finally real football

DrkMessiah_ says:


jacob rousey says:

I’m into this league

kevin jjj says:

God what a time to be alive loving this big hits real football

Eyeswideopen Iclotsofsheep says:

Real foorball.
Would love to see this league drown out the powerful bullshit hollywood nfl and its fairy ass players and pussy Qbs. example Brady can we just change to touch football so i can be called the goat.
Fuck outta here you far from a goat in QB position playing in a pussy era.

Oakhusrt Glory says:

Looking forward to watching this weekend! Week2!

Anthony Campo says:

Johnny Manzel go man go! Join this league!

A K says:

#81 out there getting smacked 😂😂

Date Mike says:

Make football cool again.

Mind Trick says:

Thank God for the AAF.. Hey NFL ARE are you ready for some real football.

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