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THE IRON MASK Official Trailer (2020) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan Movie HD

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THE IRON MASK Official Trailer (2020) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan Movie HD
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Shane Jeray says:

This has the makings of a guilty pleasure movie

novembermember says:

I wish it was Arnold and Jackie for the whole movie but it will be just for one little part just like Around the World in 80 Days.

Siale Akauola says:

Idc what anyone says about this movie, just seeing these 2 legends together in it is such a great thing. Very much looking forward to this

Eddie Van Heinous says:

CGI provided by "Joe's Discount CGI and Car Wash"

Enrique Castro says:

This movie is fucking bad, senseless as hell!!

indo amric says:

i watched this movie last year the title was Viy 2 The Mystery of Dragon Seal – The Journey to China by Russian film group. and will be released on april? this is a joke

James Faul says:

Ok so wth is going on in this trailer? Is there like 2 different stories going on? I'm not really worried that it's b-rated, it's just that it seems so choppy

Max Imaginations says:

Is that a Journey To China Movie Trailer ? (Same look of Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Jamba Olonbayar says:

looks like crap but a crap i would watch xD

Cormack Reid says:

Looks like they have convinced well known actors to partake in a b movie

Lee Anderson says:

The CGI looks okay, the plot is obviously pandering to Chinese audiences, and Arnold can't do a UK accent. Do I care? NO! Arnold vs Chan, we have been waiting for this for decades!

Wardzy says:

How do I stop YouTube from putting the advertisements for other videos on the end of the video, I can't see that last 5 seconds????? YouTube is fucking shit now

Louis V says:

I could've sworn this was made years ago. Maybe it didn't get released

QuantumButthole says:

Everything looks and sounds bootleg.

Elipzh says:

Why am I getting Dumbledore vibes

Jesse Martinez says:

Is this a joke?

Blanche's Lesbian Lover says:

this is hell

RedWolf777SG says:

I don't know why everyone bitching about this and that. What the hell do you expect, especially from modern Hollywood? Can't we just have fun watching the film and appreciate for what it is? Like it's so bad it's good kind of feel? I swear it's like we forgotten to just enjoy movies these days. Especially a Jackie Chan movie….for crying out loud as long it doesn't have that SJW political correctness propaganda bullshit, I don't mind seeing this movie. And that's all I got to say on the matter.

Jeremy H says:


Trailer Re-Cuts says:

The sound in this trailer echos like crazy, wonder if the movie had sound issues during production…


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