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THE IRON MASK Official Trailer (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger Fantasy Movie HD

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THE IRON MASK Official Trailer (2020) Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger Fantasy Movie HD

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Signature Entertainment presents The Iron Mask at UK Cinemas and on Digital 10th April, 2020

The Iron Mask sees action legends Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up in a high concept fantasyhistorical epic featuring breath-taking fights and stunning visuals. Set in the 18th century, The Iron Mask follows English traveller Jonathan Green as he journeys from Russia to China encountering dragons, black magic wizardry and a dragon king during an incredible but deadly adventure. The action adventure also stars Charles Dance, Jason Flemyng and Rutger Hauer.

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Entuzjasta gier says:

This looks like sh$t

ismail metin says:

So funny. Kids movie 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏

Crashus Maximus says:


William Brown says:

Kohl's will soon be selling it in their toy department.

William Brown says:

That's terrible.

Russ Baxter says:

Ok – so what we take from this trailer is that it has second rate CG, and a third rate script. I think I'll wait for it to appear on free to air TV.

Christopher Taylor says:

It looks DREADFUL!???? I dont get it, is it meant to look bad? Like a joke???

Sabrina Rodriguez says:


The Makeup Daddy says:

This was potentially a good film, it has a good story. I'm just trying to figure out why you chose to make it a comedy.


trailer was out over 5 months ago????? The Mystery Of The Dragon Seal – Official Trailer (2019) Jackie Chan Movie HD

The release of Viy 2 in Russia was to be held on 16 August 2018,[6] but subsequently the premiere was postponed to 19 September 2019[7] while pending censorship approval in China.[8] After the completion of the regulation of issues, the film premiered in China on 16 August 2019.[9][2]

Viy 2 was released in the Philippines on 20 September 2019 as The Dragon Seal by Pioneer Films.[10][11]

The film is being released in the United States under the title The Iron Mask on April 10, 2020. [12]

Joe Fiorello says:

Is this by The Asylum?

Paxus says:

by about 0:31 i had scoffed several times and felt sad and ashamed for the actors involved, thinking this would be a stupid, cheap comedy but then it suddenly became what looked a bit like a decent budget fantasy spectacular! 👍 'd

#OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★ ½ .. . .. . . are you sure this trailer is for a movie? and not a computer game?

Cuong Tran says:

Well good to know arney and jacky are only in one scene of this entire shitfest, I’m in!

Dorian Black says:

All these comments from great CGI artist.

Luke Schaffer says:

The match up we've been looking for, but 20 years late 😂

TheMerlin1984 says:

This looks terrible…….just, why ?

Some Interesting says:

Very nice video trailer

The Yank says:

Western civilisation may have just hit its lowest point.

Andrew Gleeson says:

This movie can only be made better if they had Nic Cage in it. I would pay to see it over and over again for Nic Cage. God, I love him!!!!

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