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The Last Trial? A Day in the Life of an Attorney

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A subscriber asked me to do a video about what that practice of law is about. So I decided to document what was supposed to be my last trial. After 10 years of commercial litigation, I am moving onto other thing… Creation, not destruction. But as far as the trial was concerned, nature had other plans. Nature, and a house filled with filthy, germ-infested children. Enjoy! And be sure to like, share & subscribe for more (quasi-daily) videos that will brighten your day.

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Viva Frei says:

Here it is… Video going to be published tomorrow, this is the advanced unlisted link for all interested. What it's like to be an intern / young lawyer. Enjoy! And subscribe! 🙂 https://youtu.be/PTRqVkysPUg

whoa- there1995 says:

I have no desire to become a lawyer but your video is still entertain so therefore I will continue watching while eating my subway.😂

Saintly Beginnings says:

How do you ‘make’ Gatorade.?.


she sounds like a good cook.

The Musician Youth Did-Serve says:

What a gorgeous house

Agent Margaritaville says:

In Canada the judges are all #prideophiles who are under a covenant extortion by the privy counsel. ….. Protect your kids.

Elliot the Lawyer says:

"Creation instead of destruction"… cue darth vader breathing

Brian Schlegel says:

Hey whats the intro song you use for this video?

Meow Meow One says:

1:39 brings back childhood memories, don't nobody want no fire department showing up for a goddamn smoke alarm!

William Penn jr. says:

What's the point in reading the law when judges, cops and government administrators routinely ignor it? The Constitution is the highest law in the U.S but it commonly ignored. I'll find things in the U.S and NYS constitutions that completely contradict what government officials say. Nothing can be clearer than the 10th amendment and even the few instances that federal law does trump state law people will ignor that too and act like its a state issue. I'm befuttled how people have the Constitution completely backwards. Its not like it hard to look things up and most of it is common sense.
NYS law says cops cannot arrest someone without 2 or more witness's and evidence of a crime. When was the last time that law was followed?
The 10th amendment of the U.S constitution says "powers not deligated to the U.S by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people"
Federal law says no American citizen can be deported or lose their citizenship except by conviction for treason, and the U.S Constitution and every state constitution guarantees freedome of religion and prohibits punishing someone for a crime without making formal charges, yet they will deport the spouces of American citizens without ever giving the American citizen a hearing let alone recognize that separating a marriage is a violation of the tenants of most religions.
Traffic fines are the most common example the govenment exercising unequal justice. Are traffic tickets a fine? The cant be since punishment must be equally disensed and since not everyone has the same ability to pay it then it isnt equal punishment. It's closer to a fee, but that's not right either since cops often ignor traffic violations so not everyone is paying the free. Either the ticket should (according to the law) be issued according to the persons ability to pay it, or they should make every efforts to give the ticket to all violators. Traffic cams are step in the right direction because they are about equal inforcement but the tickets should be based on a persons income or they could just replace monitary penaltys with community service.

Andrew Clay says:

Headed to hofstra law in August and your channel has really been awesome

Trust The Vision says:

Taking the bar exam this year! So exciting!

Dave McCord says:

Viva, I really like your vlawgs. The boil water thing, is that for the smoke? How does that work?

Max Power says:

I want to see your house!

gypsygib says:

Illness NOT corroborated by the wife. Total lie…:)

Kim Stone says:

This was a very helpful video. Absolutely getting started in legal career is challenging. The atmosphere of being a trainee and actually becoming a lawyer is totally different, we have to face many challenges at work. Even the pressure built at work is more than that of the interns or trainees. At that moment people get to know the actual meaning of loss. Being a litigation attorney is quite a difficult job.


Ferro Buckets says:

Hmmmmm.it was the steak.

Joseph Samra says:

It is very inspiring video. As a Lawyer I know that life of lawyer is very difficult. He has to face many type of clients and cases. To know more in detail visit here https://www.attorneyjosephsamra.com/

Jeffrey Vanco says:

Food poisoning. Enroll her in cooking classes. WALP women don't know how to cook.

Keith Preston says:

I feel your pain. I got out of litigation several years ago myself. It has a way of sucking out your soul. I don’t like the idea of knowing that four months from now on Thursday at 10:45 AM that I have to be in courtroom 2 for a docket call. It’s a never ending cycle. You may get a huge win that you fought long and hard for, but there’s not even time to celebrate because you have to rush back to the office to get that brief done or Discovery answered in some other case. No more for me thank you. Wish I had figured it out as early as you have!

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