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The Secrets To Becoming A Better ALL Around Basketball Player!!

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In today’s video, Coach Rocky and Coach Josh from I Love Basketball TV will show you some keys to becoming a better all around basketball player.

Being a good all around player is essential because it leaves the coach no option but to put you in the game. Plus if you want to dominate in basketball it’s essential that you be able to do it all.

When we say do it all, we are referring to being able to shoot, dribble, score well, play defense, and be athletic. If you watch the NBA you’ll noticed that the best players are usually the guys that can do it all on the court. It’s time to turn you into a player of that caliber.

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Shane Willard says:

Thanks for the excellent instruction! I know you have a lot of requests to process; however, while you cover a lot of the agility drills masterfully, do you have any core leg/knee exercises that support the agility drills that you provide? What can I do to get my legs in shape (flexibility and strength) so those become easier? Thanks again!!!

Nati Tesfaye says:

These drills look really effective. I'm going to try these as soon as I can.

reNewedIDentity says:

Just a thought. My definition of an all-around player is someone who can do everything that is needed in order for his team to win.
So to me it's either MJ or Kobe.

Chaitanya Mhaiskar says:

I had an ankle injury and am still in recovery so pls suggest me some drills or exercises to make my ankle strong

Ruatdika Ralte says:

Can u do something like what to do in off ball or something and love the video

Jc López says:

Devin Booker moves, please !!

Teuku Rafi says:

Drills to improve Court Vision

Piotr Tobór says:

You always say it is free and than I check and there is special offer where I can "save" lots of money but is not free. FCK OFF

Steph Enoric says:

All I can do is shoot and dribble and defend a little bit I was hoping to develop my slashing abilities. I need to be able to get to the basket better, that’s my main weakness

Alpha Ghost says:

Is there like drills for defense, because i really wanna get better at defending players

Curry Empire says:

Can u make a vid on what drills kyrie does when does lay ups?!

Kevin Durant says:

Heyo coach do a vid on playing positions. I am too much of an all round player and dont play 1 position thats why i got cut

Mamdouh shafiq says:

Jumping higher

DeaM says:

Thank you Coach Rock and Josh on this drills

It will help a lot

GodDaiko says:

today's my birthday

Danielito Romero says:

Coach Rocky can you do a video on how to blow by your defenders and get to the rim?

Cuz I’m nice around the rim but just can’t get there sometimes cuz I need a good move to get past my defender

DavideMVP Senigalliesi says:

congratulation for this video! Amazing

Chatting with Joe Noble says:

I love these videos thanks for making them I have young sons so watching these have really help me learn how to play basketball again so that I can teach them

Bballer23 says:

I'm like draymond green. Good at everything(but not amazing at shooting) but only elite at defense

Ash Mesk says:

Don't stop making videos

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