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The Worst of Child Beauty Pageants 'Highlights’ | Toddlers & Tiaras

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Spoiled brats thinking they own the world, creepy cameramen, and entitled parents arguing over who’s child is the best, today we look inside the dark world of child beauty pageants on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, featuring some of the funniest child freakouts and most hilarious parent arguments.

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Game: Refunct

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Patricia Collet says:

These parents speak this way in front of their children? Terrible!

rogue0621 says:

“Dem girls practice everyday.”

Gacha Cat says:

Wow she is soo spolid

Martyn Jordan says:

Someone needs to get to the bottom of why that man was holding a goat

Lori Sloan says:

Not their real hair, eyelashes,

Travis The Budgie says:

Daz black who !?!?!?

i like trains says:

Ok these parents need to stop

StrangerRiverFan 1234 says:

Leave the freakin goat alone.

StrangerRiverFan 1234 says:

my radio's dead inhales I CAN'T FIX IT!!!!111!!!!!!!

Aisha Khan says:

Poor children, feeling sad for them

Trash Min says:

This video would be amazing if it had crack lmao (ex.zoom in the faces,funny cuts)

Viviana Garcia says:

i hate british people

Jake Joins says:

Did someone put cocaine in that chocolate

Xx.K- 12 says:

“Give me some twime”

Xx.K- 12 says:

I’m always bootyiful

Me:umm child anyways so…

Heidi Grace says:

Ok as someone who actually competes in pageants I want to just say that no body forces me to do them, I do them because I enjoy them, and in real life pageants are NOTHING like toddlers and tiaras. I’ve never even been to a pageant that had and ultimate grand supreme title ever. EVER. Also the pageant community in real life is so kind and supportive. I think you all forget that your watching a tv show were it is cut to make the parents and children look like horrible self entitled brats.

Joachim Sudergat says:

In Europe you are going a long long time to prison if you are doing this to a child.
Perverse handling of kids is a absolutely NoGo.

FireOccator says:

Where is the FBI knocking on doors when you need them?

Dee Smith says:

Hmmm, I think would have thrown tantrums and screamed if I had been made to do that as a child.
Come to think of it, I would throw tantrums and scream if you tried to make me do it as an adult

mike clements says:

7:41 …And amid all this train wreck, we have the poor, innocent goat….🐐

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