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Tiger Woods Every Shot From Final Round At Farmers Insurance 2020-Without Hole (2)

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Tiger Woods Every Shot From Final Round At Farmers Insurance 2020


Chase McBride says:

Great video, Tiger was just a little bit off today but he still finished 9th!

MegaStan316 says:

This is not every shot ffs

Robert Whyte says:

Could've won EASILY. putter failed. Waiting for 83๐Ÿ

HKS says:

do marc leishman please

Godo Gomez says:


HKS says:

is it just me or were the greens really slow. Anyone know what they were running on the stimp on this final day?

TheOG_72 Forty Club says:

Putter problems

crashraynor says:

Tiger getting dialed in, I love his swing right now. He's playing mediocre golf by his standards and still giving himself a look at winning. When he starts making putts it's going to be ridiculous. Calling Tiger at the Masters by 8 or more, any takers?

Scott Warner says:

The inset photo lower left corner is bullshit. I won't waste my time watching anymore of these.

The Bambino says:


Harry Zulkifli Sugondo says:

You not serious for winning
You make the green n hole very small…

Harry Zulkifli Sugondo says:

Tiger are u kidding…
Its the last game n last round in the same course… n now you not serious play….. why….

Yannih says:

What an absolute joke. What about 15 minutes on the winner instead of someone who was 6 shots adrift???

Felipe Flores says:

4:40 Si Seรฑor haha great

joo bee Khoh says:

Good attempt Tiger. More focused in the next game.

Zero2Hero Golf says:

TW definitely dialed back his swing speed for this tournament. In this round he hit most of the fairways when using driver. Really like what I'm seeing with his swing right now. Should be interesting to see if he continues to swing around the 115-117 range in future tournaments, because his accuracy is benefiting.

ViTo Nguyen says:

Putter problem! Go ahead Tiger!

Adam Wittman says:

Tiger played sub par today Bc jb Holmes is slower than a turtle in a snowstorm.

john doe says:

love the guy, but also love seeing he is actually human with the putter in his hand…once in awhile.

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