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Top 10 NEW Stealth Games of 2019

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We love stealth games. Here are all of the games with sneakiness worth paying attention to in 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.
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Laine Mullins says:

Greed fall it has stealth in it.

Astandane says:

I appreciate stealth elements when they're not too black and white; so many games just drop in these really lazy stealth elements which take all the fun away.

Ragequitter says:

:/ didn't like this list but love stealth games…

Joshua Capstick says:

There’s only one Lord and Savior and his name is Jesus Christ not hero kagima (sp)

John Stowell says:

"You're just a weak teenager."

-Jakey B, 2019

Kill Overlord says:

How you forgot Ghost recon breakpoint?

Rimiru says:

Hopefully Unholy turns out at least 16362517 times better than Agony…

Brian Godo says:

Sometimes the music in the background sounds like a phone vibrating and I always at a point in the video check my phone cause I think someones calling me….but I have no friends

Lucas Glundø says:

Im looking forward to tom clancy's ghost recon breakpoint

Micah Climie says:

This looks like it causes violence

LJaH says:

A plagues tale story is NOT good. It's ridiculous and predictable

Red Emp says:

Bro, I think your intro sound is too loud. I always have to turn down my volume for it, and then turn it up for the rest of the video.

tristen mason says:

What if I combined a level one wimp with a logging cart cool he can chop wood now – Random YouTube Ad 2019

Supposedly I am a philosopher says:

A stealthgame list: Stealthy stealth games
Gameranx stealth game list: ignores stealthy stealth gamez.

Max Djurestal says:

Well… this was the worst list in awhile

Matt Mitchell says:

NEVER thought I'd say it but I love Days Gone.
I have not had so much fun in a long time.

CGKS The Arrow says:

What about ghost recon breakpoint …

INDIAN GamerZ says:

For me MGSV is the "Best Stealth Game" till now.

Brock says:

i saw maybe only 2-3 games that could be stealth games, the rest of them was games that had a little bit of stealth elements but those were optional.

Mr.Jungle says:

Hunt Showdown should have been mentioned

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