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Top 10 NEW Upcoming ZOMBIE Games of 2018 & Beyond | PS4, XBox One, PC

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TOP 10 BEST Upcoming Games [2019-2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/fZGvXtXff9Q || 10 Insane & Epic ZOMBIE Games coming in 2018 | New Upcoming Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox One & PC. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!


TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: https://youtu.be/FBFEksuk5gQ



00:00 Dead Island 2 (TBA – PS4, Xbox,PC)

02:04 The Walking Dead – (2018 – PS4, Xbox, PC)

04:05 Reborn (2018 – PS4, Xbox, PC)

05:29 Days Gone (June 30,2018 – PlayStation 4)

07:09 Daymare 1998 (July 2018 – PS4, Xbox, PC)

08:08 World War Z (2018 – PS4, Xbox, PC)

08:54 Dead Matter (2018 – PS4, Xbox, PC)

11:01 State of Decay 2 (2018 – Xbox,PC)

15:20 GTFO (2018 – PC)

16:53 The Last of Us 2 (2018 – PlayStation 4)



Gameost's Journal. May 29th, 2019. Still waiting for Dead Island 2 and The Lats of Us 2.

Michael says:

Adian seems to be a popular name in some games

Stev Hadley says:

They should have put dying light two on there


3rd video looks like a satanic zombie game

jude Abozar says:

Why you no feature resident evil

Cute Dahyun says:

Looks like this guy is not seeing anything at the start

Vex K says:

Dead island didn’t come out because California isn’t an island

odaine Dale says:

I've been waiting a year for some a these games

Sadatou Koita says:


+_Blue_Fox_+ says:

New Walking dead looks cool there is was guy that looks similliar lee

red the wolf says:

1:02 his eyes

Christian Flores says:

Did I just heard the guy cursed the zombie in a Filipino Language? 7:12 "Putang Ina mo"?

Tottenham Trev whitaker thfc says:

The gaming industry is boring tired and again another zombie game .. there all the same .. complete shite

Megan says:

Dude I waaaant TWD

melis tüzün says:

Poor guy he lost his hair and his shoes #Respect omg thanks for the likes guys😆😄
Thats some noise cancelling ear buds

ed hill says:

DI2 I heard something went wrong is dead island even out yet

Robiya Hakimova says:

6:35 че за игра

pibe youtuber says:

Pero si ya sale la play 5

علي شهاب says:

مرعب جداا

Kemi Adedipe says:

If Hulk were a zombie: 14:18

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