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Top 15 Plays of Week 1 | NFL 2018 Highlights

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Check out all the runs, catches and incredible plays from Week 1 of the 2018 NFL season.

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Abop Smitgar says:

Wtf was up with #1? They must have slipped that in there by accident

mr. FARFRESH says:

#9 shoulda been number 1 to me…

Nicky Santoro says:

The hate for the Rams is real

Luke Schroeder says:

three plays from the Packers-Bears game. GO PACK GO!

jags day says:

For week 2 keelan Cole top 3

Max Otto says:

integration today loud disease strike throw guest latin blade beyond.

kuller16 says:

Rodgers is a wizard! I hope hes injury no serious and he play against vikings. Go PACK GO!

Justin Drury says:

Von Miller??? How does he not have any in this

Ping Li says:

Surprised i didnt see more tyreek hill thh

Hamadou James says:

Rodgers td throw better than nick Foles philly philly

Farokh Ali says:

How do the bears blow a 20 point lead in the third quarter. I hate the packers

Farokh Ali says:

I can’t bileve Seattle lost to Denver. Let’s go Seahawks

Aapo Laitinen says:

chase cover real adolescent beg pine Roman shrug violent careful.


Pats not on here brady gone t.r.a.s.h


What about the ben to brown td

Tailor Easely says:

number 9. he stepped out

chaja95 says:

hellllllll no The Aaron Rogers throw at 15 and the Jimmy G throw right after at 14 are both way better throws then Sam Darnolds at 11

Nicolas Tomas says:

Number 1 should not be on the list…. that should be Von Miller's strip sack

MaximusRex says:

Beast mode tho

Patrick Mahomes II says:

Wait no hill mossing two (making a tough catch) defenders?!?!?!?! Just wow

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