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Top 5 Best Future Gadgets And Future Technology Coming in 2019-2020 ➜ 2

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Top 5 Best Future Gadgets And Future Technology Coming in 2019-2020 ➜ 2

5. AMX – The ebike for cities.
4. Roybi Robot.
2. The Newest Generation of Convenience and Security.
1. Mudita Pure.

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Jo Jo says:

“Hey let’s make a phone that can NOT connect to the internet!”

Levy says:

that roy B robots is a evil thing man , i recon new generation will be controlled by a robots in the future look how crazy this is… A robot can grow up with you mannn hell naw

What up yo says:

The Amx is what I thought e bikes SHOULD look like since all the others look like garbage with the big ass pillars. I’m like “why can’t you fit the mechanism inside the pillars and just make the battery stick in there not trying to hide it” and finally

Caleb M. F says:

Idk I watch this shit the only new technology that comes out is AI or a new cellphone

Naked Beekeeper says:

>A foking bicycle


I almost though Owl Robot was taking a poop!

Leanne Bishop says:

Very good future what about the cats to

Helen G. Pitts says:

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