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Top 5 New Tech Inventions You Won't Believe Exist

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You won’t believe these new tech inventions actually exist, they’re totally amazing and mind blowing!
● Amazing inventions, new technology, and cool gadgets!
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Sensibo https://www.sensibo.com/
Airdog https://www.airdog.com/
Neeo https://neeo.com/
Portal Smartphone http://www.arubixs.com/
Button https://bt.tn/
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Sreenandanam Vtc says:

Is that phone is safe to play pubg

IT says:

That drone would be really useful for YouTubers making travel videos

izaz khan says:

Good Idea for air dog but what about the obstacle detection and avoidance e.g. if you are moving and something comes sudden in your path such as large trees etc.

Nika Key says:

Hey man. Just One advice. This intro of yours, I mean the template of that logo is overused on youtube. Make Somethin unique 😉

Alice Ingraham says:

Seems like the ad wizard at Sensibo got their idea from squat try potty unicorn poo commercial.

Malsikcuf says:

And all this shit tracks and records your every move, no thanks.

Nuha Meelar says:

It's Fake! FAKE

Mark Meyers says:


WS Marketing says:

Awesome vid!

Babyface Assassin says:

that chicks fake texting and then call as if she is trying to make her bf jealous

J E says:

They all look just like regular products. None of them much wow, imo

Adrina d'silva says:

This amazing robot will blow your mind

Warbledor says:

5:20 He says DEWICES! XDDDDD

Mono832 says:

Just use graphene for the phones its better and natural

Towsif Abir says:

That talking style of the guy from Sensibo reminds me of Francis Underwood from House of Cards for some reason

Trustierlamb920 says:

i love the first one its pretty funny

Robert Galletta says:

why don't you people invent a better carburetor ?

ciohodaru daniel says:

Anyway all of this even if they are real even if theyre not no one wants to get such a lazy ass and they are ugly too

WJC Bartley says:

whata waist of a spine

WJC Bartley says:

i bet you have a exercise app

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