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Tractor Trailer Fire Extinguishment

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Two tractor trailer crash on US Route 15 near York Springs, Pennsylvania. A rear end collision in dense fog started it all, the striking tractor trailer caught fire and prior to FD arrival became fully involved.


Kevin Franklin says:

I hope that driver got out

Captain Skippa says:

The water has to start up and they have to get in attack position. Omg people

Robert Dunson says:

Again they show up with malassis up there ass!!I would fire them

Clyde Dooseldorph says:

To pull the line and be packed up in that amount of time was good, pump operator to charge the line one min. way too long, unless he had pump issues due to I hear the primer pump running????

aldebaran says:

Incredible! You are asleep, I think you work in the insurance company. Anyway, you are not experts.

NickyNick says:

Most things could have been done incorrectly were done incorrectly

امير الخالدي says:

اله يرحمه

Devin Davis says:

Should have swept under the semi first with the hose

jay_615 says:

on your mark get set………..wait

Shakil Shakil says:

varr solo,work

slimchancetoo says:

Probably a training video about how not to put a truck fire out.

Stan Patterson says:

Could have done a rain dance and put the fire out sooner than the FD.  No sense of urgency whatsoever.  And brutal inexperience getting the pumper's PTO engaged.

Wally Moe says:

no scba on the guy in the green vest

M A says:

Taking their time, but not even concernerced savubgvthe trailer

joan traivs says:

oh god what happened I don't stuff on fire

Gareth Ifan says:

I don't see any Case or John Deeres in this video. I do see an articulated truck though.

Alberta Proud says:

Haha. Nobody here is a firefighter and don't know what they're talking about. It's funny because you're all uneducated. But that's ok, one day you'll understand.

Ford Power says:

How long do they take were i live as soon as 1 was there there would be water all over it mg

Mike Fusco says:

Wow 3:15 until you finally had water on the truck, you guys suck !!

G latino forever says:

too slow this guys

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