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Tractor Trailer Stuck under Park Ave Rail Road Bridge

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This video shows a Truck and Trailer Stuck . To remove the trailer they let the air out of 16 Tires,as they pulled it out they were checking for structural damage on the bridge. The only big Damage came to the trailers roof and one drivers pride.


Edwin Bitsoe says:

Driver Should take READING LESSONS…….(There's a BIG DIFFERENCE Between 11'9" and 13'6")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rockinrowdy13 says:

The driver diden't see that 11'9" sign??? I saw it and I'm not even driving! looks like he'll have to air up a couple tires there

rockinrowdy13 says:

I see 'ol Pumpkin is at it again 🙂

Furthermore says:

Just because it's Schneider don't mean nothin!

Oilfieldtrucker says:

What's with all these snider drivers saying to deflate the the tires when they already are

Wayne Weckwerth says:

Carry on driver

NPC Muh Facts Matter says:

hahahaha The little blue emblem on the side of his tractor means he's a trainer. 😀

Alicia Squaire says:

Just let the air out of the trailer tires dummy

Linda McLam says:

Just let air out of tires !!!

stereorail says:

Perfect seismic reinforcement, with suspension 🙂

King First says:

I wounder if he could speak English

Randy Rudder says:

Schneider attempt at getting into open top freight and cut rates.

Eddie Gee says:

What an idiot DRIVER..

K C Francis says:

Ok, this clearly shows that "clearance" CLEARLY means what height will safely clear…not the height of the bridge or overpass. Basically, it still had almost 2 feet more height than posted, BUT!!…If it doesn't state 13'9" or higher…than WTF??

Christopher Bedenbaugh says:

Jersey should update all there bridges to access the trucks that move the economy where does all that toll money go in someones pocket p.s jersey get with the times

MrWill1985 says:

I suspected this was an older video. Schneider I dont think has Freightliner Columbia's any more.

Roja puee says:

Stupid drive don't know the hight

The Dirty Trucker Videos says:

And when i bought my first truck., people called me crazy for adding a air bag dump valve for the trailer….this video illustrates how priceless a dump valve is when you can decrease trailer height by 4’ inches…. that valve was $75.00., hos tow bill +$1,500

Billie Bob Norton III says:

Jerks shoulda just raised the brigde few inches….geeze louise….

Dillon Hose says:

Food for thought
Uhm flat the tires

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