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Trae Young's Best Handles | 2018-19 NBA Season | #NBAHandlesWeek

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Check out Trae Young’s best handles from the 2018-19 NBA Season!

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Raymond Akhuetie says:

He’s the Kobe to Steph Curry’s MJ. Also reminds me of Nash

Iredell says:

Trae got the nice handles of curry nice shot and swag and of course those nice Lebron like celebrations when he makes big moves! He is gonna be a star.


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Jarvis Jackson says:

Look at the crowd in Houston reaction to the 3 at 4:10 😂😂😂

Prince Kangnissoukpe says:

My boy Trae young been rocking witchu since you were in college 🐐🤙🏾

Zaki Tan says:

Trae's playstyle is like Curry's

PUNISHER _winz says:

Everyone with the name Trae, Tre etc. Can shoot

Pasta Films says:


Pen Wednesday says:

It's like Trae Young studied Curry, Lillard, Paul, Irving, and Westbrook and decided to take their best attributes and mix them all up.

Kevin Alexer says:

Overrated asf.

Jaja Juanico says:

The commentator say tray blender and the announcer too

허걱 says:

2020 All-Star

Mawrk Jhonson says:

Why is no one talking about the announcer saying goteem

Omega Reborn says:

Hes actually crazy good for a rookie

ALi Barzegar says:

All star next season bet. His numbers will shock the whole world. He put 16 pounds of muscle this season so he will be able to push in more and get more layups and midrange shots that he is improving with Kobe Bryant so I am looking forward to that

OneManSaxBand says:

yk, originally, he was a severely overrated college player. but now, he's somehow an underrated NBA player. lol

Mr Bball says:

That first one doe 🤙🏾🤙🏾😂

moler sliva says:

The first product of the Steph Curry era. Kids will only become better shooters from here.

Young_ Mari 10 says:


Trap God says:

Had brown lookin for a new life 🤣

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