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Tucker: What will higher education look like after coronavirus?

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An entire nation has just been shown that it’s possible to deliver higher education in an entirely different way: online.

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Michael Kirby says:

Tucker there is no higher education in America. Not anymore.

Mr. otivarag says:

Online school, hell, homeschooling in general is the future imo. Teachers/professors fast forward the automation of their own careers.

dave m says:

I love how Tucker likes to mock "elites" who can afford these things meanwhile he was a trust fund baby who attended private academies his entire life. He is the definition of the elite.

Go2Matthew says:

It's almost like an advertisement for Home Schooling or UnSchooling!

Brandon Moore says:

“They are indifferent to the suffering of others.” DEFINITELY

My off-campus rental agency still expects a payment of over $2500, even though my school transitioned to online class and encouraged everyone to go home (this said school even paid on-campus residents to move out early, unlike Stanford). I’m currently jobless, had three separate streams of income and now I have zero because of this pandemic. How in the hell do they expect me to shell out my part??? Seems as though they are completely unaware of the effects all of this has on people.

carlindelco says:

we need to STOP back loans to students who are going to GET BS degrees and are then unemployable we people who want and can do something , not complain

Jacob Bullen says:

"Maybe less than worthless. It signifies obvious mediocrity." My new go-to insult.

Herb Derbler says:

Leftist "professors" are openly terrified of online teaching because it's now 100x easier for their lectures to be recorded and shown to the world. They can no longer hide behind their wall of academic privilege. Parents will now be able to see firsthand the communist indoctrination their children are being spoonfed.

Garrett Szilard says:

College is a scam past the essentials. Medical, Science and Law

Justin C. says:

I’m in college (supposed to graduate) and this new format we have to do sucks.. especially since I paid for services i do not get anymore

PoodleScone says:

Online education will go gangbusters. Useless liberal arts will be exposed for the nonsense it is.

Amadeus Frison says:

Parents should Rescue Our Children during this coronavirus madness. Google it. Get your children OUT of government indoctrination centers!

DarthZ01 says:

I got out of high school right at the absolute height of the everybody needs a degree craze, as such I was pressured and pushed into a university when I had no idea what kind of degree I would want, no idea what kind of career I would want, and thanks to a subpar High School lacking most of the learning and knowledge skills I would need to actually pass classes in college.

As such here I sit as a twenty-nine-year-old dropout who ran out of money and flunked calculus after 2 years, working as a pizza delivery guy, upside we are essential during the quarantine 😉 , with like $100,000 in debt that I will most likely never be able to pay off.

I'm glad for the latest generation, that college has finally been revealed for the massive scam it really is, but man I wish that it happened 10 years ago

wiredcat2012 says:

Imagine getting your communication Degree and listening to this 💀2:23

Joseph Henry says:

Tucker says a lot in a short space of time, that's a skill. For sure Higher education is a bigger rip-off than insurance and banking these days

ICY 300 says:

No…. I could never do college all online…. That's wack.

Andrew Patrick says:

Hopefully higher education dies and is completely revamped.

big Cahuna says:

I never attended a college, but for fifteen years I've been studying money and history for free, online. Public schools are only good for meeting girls and finding weed. Do the Rockefellers still own the school book publishers ?

Noah Bakker says:

So I watched the video and as a person who works in education and has a physics degree from a higher end liberal art college I do agree with a lot of what he said. However, reading the comments I am somewhat confused as to some of the logic here. 100% he is right that colleges, especially mid tier ones. However, the right rips people off to with low taxes on the rich which allow them to remain rich and they have the same kind of trick that the left uses with education. We should help the common man and try and run a real meritocracy where ones ability determines your ability to rise and fall (as a math person America is statistically one of the lowest in terms of interclass mobility, which mean it is hard to rise or fall). Any replies are appreciated. I hope people think critically of both sides.

D E says:

Republitards don’t support higher education. They need brainless morons to vote for them

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